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capsicum Masala curry (capsicum.)

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This looks delicious! I am 6th generation Canadian, and do not know how to do good curries, I can't wait to try! A few of the ingredients I could not understand, can you post a list? Hopefully I can find them where I live, some of them I have never seen in stores, I mean the fresh spices, and coconut powder. I may have to go to the city nearby :) Do you think asian shops would have all of the spices? And can we use cocunut, I've seen that. Take care and thank you :)
soak tamarind in hot water for some time(5 to 10 mins) and then squeeze out the pulp.. Or add little water to the tamarind and put it in the microwave for 2 mins. when it is cool down a bit, squeeze the tamarind for pulp. hope that helps.
love the bowl you served in.Gravy looks tasty will try today.One question...can i use chat chutney instead of tamarind..your pulp was nice and thick i never get that consistency.
Thank you..You can use chat chutney but always fresh tamarind pulp is preferred for better taste..
Hi ,How did you ground the paste? In a mixie or foodprocessor? V.nice recipe...ty...god bless..:)
can u tell me clearly how to make tamarind pulp.i have dry tamarind.Thanks for replying.
@asianlite6 thank you..I am glad you liked it.i used GE blender to make a paste.
Hello instead of dry coconut powder can I use frozen coconut??
I tried it ..it came very nice...easy recipe of gravy capsicum
Thanks for uploading, looks nice , planning to try tomorrow
I tried it and it came very nice thanks for the Recipe
thank u .. it's nice. try to post different recipes
When to put in the curry leaves?
yes you can use frozen coconut.
@vj0509 Thank you very much..

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