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Nicole point us bank Videos


Artist: POINT BLANK Album: AMERICAN EXCESS Label: MCA RECORDS Year: 1981 Format: VINYL 33 rpm Country: U.S.A. SIDE A 1. Let Me Stay With You ...

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+scary madsen R.I.P. it is sad , we're losing all these pioneers of rock :(
Rusty Burns who was the guitarist on this song and founding member of Point Blank died today from Cancer. R I P Rusty.
Wow.. That's SAD! May he RIP <3 I used to sing this to my daughter (Nichole of course) & she just LOVED IT! She was born in '79 so she was 2-3 yrs old? Of course I had my jacked up, hot rod Olds w/a 350 4-barrel quadrojet under the hood LOL) and whenever we went riding she'd get in the car, pick the best station on the old radio (gosh those old buttons were hard to push but she did it!!) & when she found a good ROCK tune she'd climb in her carseat & say "Rock & Roll Mommy's Car"!! Wat a beautiful flashback! RIP to ya Rusty! You're in an awesome band up there with THE best of the BEST Now!! \m/
i was named after this song! & thank God for this song. my parents ALMOST named me Francis until my mom went into labor & heard this song on the way to the hospital. lol.
Me to , my brother is 7 yrs. older than me, I remember him telling me about the lead singer's belt buckle was so shiny it was blinding , he was in an upper level watching this band.
+chriscriswell1 yeeeah im too young to have seen them play but it wouldve been really cool to.
R.I.P. Rusty Burns , my older brother seen them open up Kiss maybe ? He said they were awesome , even  though they are remembered for that one song. :)
+chriscriswell1 i know riiight!?!? Francis is too old school anyways.
+Nicole Wheeler That is Classic !! I don't any rock songs named Francis :)
+Nicole Kay and beautiful too
1980. No other hits after. This song doesn't even get played on Casey Kasems AT40 for 1980 songs OR ANY 1980s radio station that I'm aware of!
That they don't get any air play for the 80's music...
+SCOTT BURSKEY   What is SAD?  Scott.
+tony friend """" SAD """
+jeopardy60611  You Must a Super early riser? Thank you for the return email!  I had forgotten about this posting. I got this cd amongst my 200 or 300 hundred of them. I uded to listen to an 80s station out of Milwaukee,Wi. that used to play this song on a regular basis,and i 1st. heard it on radio in 1981 when i was 20 and living on my own in  Bastrop,Texas. And i look for Obsecure songs to add to my music collection,Whether it's records  8 track tapes or Cassette tapes,and of course cds!thank you,tony Happy Monday! 7.11 am 01/11/16
+tony friend I just checked the Wikipedia article on Point Blank.  The song only made it to #39 on the "Hot 100" in 1981, so it's probably not going to get played on 80s stations.  I can't say I've ever heard it on Sirius-XM 80s on 8, which I listen to regularly.

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2012- Serena Williams after beating Nicole Gibbs

Serena Williams press conference after defeating Nicole Gibbs in the second round of the 2012 Bank of the West Classic.

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I'm sure you do. Such a strong word against someone you don't know.

2012- Nicole Gibbs after losing to Serena Williams

Nicole Gibbs's press conference after losing to #1 seed Serena Williams at the 2012 Bank of the West Classic.

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Splendid analysis. Keep up the good work!

2012- Nicole Gibbs Press Conference

Nicole Gibbs's press conference after her 6-4, 6-4 win over Noppawan Lertcheewakarn in the first round at the 2012 Bank of the West Classic.

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She seems so cute oh

Interview with Nicole Buffett

Nicole Buffett, granddaughter of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, is interviewed. She is a successful artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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how stupid is buffet???
Not stupid at all.
Is she a Buddhist? i saw prayer beads.
+Charito Dimaano she must be to not go insane from Warrens cheapness
Buffett gave billions to murder 95% of the world populatiom but couldn't pay for his grandchildrens school trips, yet Warren inherited his wealth. Oprah thinks that is great, no wonder this society is going down the toilet.
+YeshuaisShekinah warren hasn't inherited the wealth
Well, she's his adopted grandchild, whatever that means. And he disowned her. From Wikipedia: "Buffett disowned his son Peter's adopted daughter, Nicole, in 2006 after she participated in the Jamie Johnson documentary, The One Percent. Although his first wife referred to Nicole as one of her 'adored grandchildren',[83] Buffett wrote her a letter stating, 'I have not emotionally or legally adopted you as a grandchild, nor have the rest of my family adopted you as a niece or a cousin.'"
+katie boo I saw it, she is entitled to her own opinions. It is obviously not only about money. It is about family values. I really enjoyed to see how the so call one percent lives. Some of them are paranoid, racists, and classists. Others truly enjoy the profits and invest wisely. Their crook or opportunists ancestors without scruples worked hard so, their superficial, poor miserable rich descendants could have kids, and spend their fortunes. Nevertheless, they should have some reproduction restrictions, because some of their genes have serious mutations.
The whole purpose of working and making money is to leave something behind for your kids. I think he is one fucked up person. All the hard work and everything I do is for my daughter. To have billions and not use a tiny portion of it to make your daughter or grand daughter be able to live worry free is seriously sick.
+Wiaam Sal Please, money opens the world to different experiences and opportunities. A normal life is static, or chaotic. You view the world from one angle. Life is much more complicated. Normal, and reality are concepts related to amounts. Lonely and dissatisfying, terms related to conformism. All human beings need very little to survive, but some do not even have electricity. So, "normal" , might mean richness to a different person. To me "normal" means a fully paid home, and a low school tuition for my kids. The Normal system is created so only the ones on the top can enjoy the fruits of their work. The rest, the "normal" people, work to pay the rich for all the things that they provide us: Education, etc. It takes thirty years for normal people to own a home. So in terms of time, thirty years wasted or invested in a thing that might not provide a better future for my children. Who guarantees you, thirty years? So please, rob me of living a normal life.
+Camilo Cuesta, en la economia actual hay muy pocas posibilidades de cambio. Ademas no todas las personas tienen la misma capacidad. Esta condenando a sus descendientes a batallas que no siempre son enriquecedoras. Tu dices... no es su familia, bueno es el único justificante valido.
You shouldnt earn what you didnt work for.
I think she wrapped it up nicely at the end: "it's real." If she were given everything she asked for, she wouldn't be like everyone else, she wouldn't experience life the same way, it would rob her of living a "normal" life. All this would disconnect her from the reality the majority of people live in. I imagine her world be very lonely & dissatisfying.
+EpicGamerWorld Given your name "EpicGamerWorld" I wouldn't expect much intelligence or wisdom from you. With the money he has, he can make a huge impact on the world so to him, his grand daughter is not his concern or his problem to try to please her and spoil her.He declared that he will give all his money to Bill Gates after his death (and probably make Bill Gates the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway) because Bill Gates is one of the only people in this world who can use the money for good and change the world to the better. Most other people are just too stupid to use that amount of money wisely.Just because her grandfather is a self-made rich man, that doesn't make her any more special than anyone else in the world. She is simply lucky enough to have been born to be his granddaughter.
+EpicGamerWorld so she could end up like all those rich kid assholes that never had to work a day?? You are one logical and smart man.
+EpicGamerWorld There is more than money you leave to your kids. What you need to give is education and a lesson for life. Teach to fish, don't give the fish. And she is not even blood related to Buffett, she was adopted by one of his son's ex-wife, after they were divorced.
The wonderful thing for Nicole Buffett is that whomever she chooses to marry will be done out of a mutual love and respect for one another - the money will not be an issue. I hope that she understands what an opportunity that she has.
+Alexander Herzen and other ones? the marriage of Ivanka trump and Kushner is a business one? How fake can one be in a marriage?
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