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Whitney point bank robbery Videos

(SV) Attempted ATM Robbery, Victim Fights Back

Newnan, Ga..........................Subscribe! 200+ Videos.

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Lol I remember when newnan was a one lane road running through Thomas crossroads....
drive through atm's? are you fucking kidding, how can you be that fuckin lazy
I was hoping this story ended with the criminal getting killed :(
right across the street from the police station
Wow, his race was a surprise.......not
was this filmed with a toaster?
I hope they catch that bitch!
look like they are dancing!
Black? NO WAY!

12 year old newark girl robbed of her cell phone

12 year old girl robbed of her phone in Newark.

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Mother, I feel so sad for you and your daughter in this situation! What have you done differently since the robbery? Shame on the school officials who have turned a deaf ear to you.
Well since the incident, I have called out of work to take her myself. However, she is traumatized so i kept her home. We will try again on Tuesday.
You and your daughter are incredibly brave. What happened to the days when school buses stopped in front of where kids lived? (I live in Texas, and I know the kids here have door-to-door buses.) No child should have to run that gauntlet. At a minimum, if the kids are out the crossing guard should be out!
The transportation lady explained to me that her boss said that they can't do door to door. If they do it for my daughter then they would have to do it for everyone. The only way she will be able to get that service is if she was special needs.
Sis, we need the fellas to stand up and escort your daughter and any other kids to and from that location. 
There are 5 girls total that catch that shuttle. The other 4 are siblings who live close to Frelinhuysen ave. I just feel for them all.
Mom your awesome. I know you are trying. Don't stop. Hopefully more and more people will do what you do and they won't be able to ignore us any longer.
Yes hope I hope so. I have been battling the Board of Education since the end of August. They just changed EVERYTHING!

Botched robbery leaves teen red-faced

A would-be bakery thief is forced to abandon his plans after getting trapped on the premises.

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@jakegriffins It's trolls like you that make the internet unsafe. Instead of trying to draw me in a pointless argument you might check your facts.
@jakegriffins He man broke into the bakery with the intention of stealing. So yah he is rightfully charged for burglay
haha, in my latest video, I interview a much better bakery thief!
@jakegriffins agreed but its still a B and E
hahaha dumbass

Gunman shoots clerk in botched robbery

The manhunt continues for the gunman who opened fire on a store clerk in Buffalo.

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Buffalo? I think the bigger story is the World Juniors playing right now!

Highlights from THE WEEK magazine - Sept. 21, 2015

'THE WEEK' magazine is the best mag ever. Short concise and neutral it gives you the top stories from around the world. It covers national, international, art, ...

An Auslly pregnancy story Ep 74

With Rydellington... Rydel:*Gets out of car,about to go in bank**Sees people running out,nervous* Girl: Don't go in there!,the bank just got robbed!*Runs away* ...

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okay so it says that this video is privit and won't let me watch it any one else
+carolyn caebare great and sorry but do you have any idea when it will be up??? no rush though
+Frank Hank yeah!, so sorry about that. I just made Ep 75 and all of it just gone! i don't know what happened,but i'm working on it!
sorry I meant episode 75 sorry

IDPA ATM Robbery Scenario

String 1 of stage 1 from the January 2008 IDPA match at Mid Carolina Rifle Club.
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