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Temporary delusional disorder Videos

Bipolar and delusions

Here are Just a few things that I go through with bein bipolar.

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It does not mean that you have schizophrenia. it is common to have delusions. however, I am not sure about the hallucinations. You sound like you are doing much better. Hang in there!

Catherine Zeta Jones Checks in For BiPolar Disorder

Depression and Loneliness Don't Need to Own You - Mindfulness To The Rescue

Depression and Loneliness are only temporary mental states which will always pass. Through mindfulness we can see through all temporary states and be free ...

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This video literally made me tear up....because this is exactly what I needed to hear. I've been experiencing this a LOT....but you are right...it's a combination of my thoughts...and i NEED to fix my thought process so I don't fall into that state of "loneliness". Thanks so much! New subbie!
I'm glad you could reflect on this yourself and find that loneliness is not who we are in that moment only a collection of thoughts about the present moment. Be well my friend. Metta
The mind is powerful, for good..and for bad. The negative side accentuated by loneliness & sadness is the worst. For me, yet again..I'm on my own. My life feels like a series of repeats.. and here I am again. Alone & sad, I cannot see any light ahead..even though I want it badly. Interesting thoughts though.. There's a comfort in knowing 'you're not alone' 
The funny thing is that, ultimately, we're always alone, even when we're with someone. We're alone in our bodies experiencing the world all alone. If someone is with us we're actually still alone taking in the contact with the sensual world and our mind. It's another way to look at it. That there is no such thing as anything but being alone and it's really only when we think we need another to complete us that we feel loneliness. Be well. I am here alone, writing this and in Joy! The more I start to feel my body and be aware of my senses without allowing myself to get trapped in thinking the less alone I feel. May you be safeMay you be happyMay you be healthyMay you be at easeBe well


This dude Vegan gains calling everyone out in the youtube fitness coummity. My main goal on youtube is to motivation, encourage and inspire every single ...

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You sound really insecure - you're also deeply, deeply unintelligent, and you've got misspellings in your video notes. None of the Youtube Fitness people are concerned about health, they're concerned about money. God, I'm typing this as I listen to the video, and you're an absolute fucking imbecile.
+John Godwin Hey bro, watch my vids and like my shit, thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H88n9uDO7A
Did u just say DRINKING A DEAD DOG?
+Larry Medina Yep :P
Yeah it's your choice and it's probably your choice to go to hell too lol. Cmon its ridiculous you say Your trying to educate people? Really.. Really.. Really. I think your very ignorant on the fact that consuming meat its not only harmful to your health but it's really harmful to the planet and the most important what's positive about participating in the suffering and slaughter of innocent defenseless fellow animals. You guys who are trying to ignored the truth are just hypocrites. Do you have any idea how much environmental damage a pound of meat causes. You talk about why not bash alcohol, drugs, ect. ect. Yes those things are bad too but the meat consumption is way more damaging because those addictions only cause harm to an individual and or a group of people such as families but the meat addiction causes way to much damage on the planet in general and there's nothing positive about that.
+qwsx12 Cool story bro.
Your an inspiration bro! 
+CricketPlaYer Thank you :)
vegan diets cause autism. dont believe me? just try talking to one, or read their comments here on youtube. completely insufferable autistic idiots, all of them.
Veganism causes autism? I'm fucking done meat heads are hilarious.
24 years old. Never had a girlfriend. and lives with his mom = Angry vegan
+The Daily Regimen he never had girlfriend?
For everyone leaving shitty comments about me and this video, that's fine. All I am doing is educating people on the fact that yes, this dude is vegan and that's great, but degrading people's lifestyles and how we all choice to live isn't right. It isn't his job to pass judgement, just like how it's not my job to judge that transgendered Bruce guy, no matter what I think, to each his own. Live your life and enjoy yourself. 
+Jesse Purtle Three words. Fuck the animals. I do what I need to survive.
comparing killing living creatures to being transgendered shows what an ignorant bastard you are. guess what, meat kills more people than all drugs combined. fucking idiot, do your research. do you understand why he's so much more popular than you? because he uses actual science. those idiots need to be called out, they're promoting blatant bull shit.

Bipolar Suicide DON'T DO IT/ Prevention

One must make precautions against suicide. I remember the saying, "suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem". //feedablog.com/reviews/513-saeco-hd8423-11-poemia-macchina-espresso-manuale-nero.html

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OH wow sorry for the caps...Miguel here. This is such an excellent and informative video you have done here. I did a suicide video months ago and it is great how each person has different methods to prevent an attempt or learns to recognize their own triggers. I had a psychotic episode of suicide about two weeks ago with a chorus of voices that ranged from inside of my head to out chanting for me to do it. It was like something out of a movie. I lay still till I fell asleep & it passed.
thank you for this information, its very helpful; as a BP2 mother of school age kids, i freg wonder if my "crazy" behavior is affecting them but my social worker(whose own mother committed suicide) assures me that my ups and downs is nothing compared to the horrific damage i would do to them if i chose to end my suffering.I love my children so much and I keep that thought in my head constantly.
I like the writing yourself a letter you can read later. At this point, I have come out of so many depressions that I can - up to a point - tell myself that I will feel better and I can believe it. Of course, after that point, nothing matters, but maybe it would feel different, as if it were coming from a friend from far away, if I wrote the letter now, when I feel all right.
@freddiefoxx1 Hello again. What's up that your doc is giving you psychiatric drugs? I have a very low dose of an anti psychotic, 25mg Seroquel three times a day. Very low dose. Get in touch with a pharmacist or your doc and ask questions and tell your concerns. If you want to, that is. You are your own best counsel. :-)
My kids(12 &16) have lived through very dark and violent mood states of mine. They were raised by me, alone, with a mental illness. They even spent a brief time in foster care when I was hospitalized. What seems to have made them resilient is they always knew it my disorder, not there fault.
hiya salt...a friend of mines girlfriend killed herself with a shot gun...her mother is still in an adult acute unit because of this...this happened 6 years ago...the mother still speaks about it everyday. doctorofmind has a good book on this subject...thanks for this.
You make a beautiful suggestion. I love Sarah M. Interestingly, my high school was about 15 minutes from hers. We both are from Nova Scotia. Thank you for reminding me to listen to her wonderful voice.
Like minded people are gifts. Feeling isolated and lonely makes my distorted thinking get the best of me sometimes. I'm glad you watched this video and I apologize for not seeing your post earlier.
I hope the mother recovers from such a tragedy. Thanks for telling me about DOCTOROFMINDMD's book. He seems incredibly knowledgable.
i have took geodon and it made me suicidal and also benzos are horrible i only took it for 3 days and could tell they were horrible
have been there many times with my thoughts. I'm glad there are likeminded people and I am not alone. Thanks for sharing.
@MurphyisDaCaptain Nice to meet you at this suicide prevention video. You seem to have a friendly sense of humour!
I'm really glad you were able to stay still and fall asleep. You are a smart brave man!
Great video, Denise. A really important topic! I've had the same thoughts about guns.
I like to be helpful and it means a great deal to me that I can make sense to you.
noooooooooo dunt hurts yourselfff you neeeds 100 hp for teh last level
I appreciate your thoughtful comment. Suicide destroys so much.
I'm glad you liked this video. It came from the heart.
I know just what you mean! Thanks for the response.
Thanks for your kind words, it makes a difference.
Great video, thanks x

【♚DMCB - R1☻】Fly to night, tonight【Xarillon】

note**: we are an anon group if you did not know that. these names are temporary. sorry if we offended anyone. ;w; loud - this is probably the most confusing ...

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Wow this is hella nice O/////O The art, animation, vocals, mix-- wow...
+Piyo Piyo wow thank you a lot! we're glad you enjoyed our entry!
Goodjob guys~ //throw love at ya~
+Shana inremix //gets lovethank you Shana ;w; <3
Oh! Nice job everyone!
+ReiRei Nightroad thank you so much! im glad you enjoyed it!
Good Job everyone! (Y)
+Draco どら thanks thanks!
+逆さま HUHEHEHE 8)
Rid gets all the girls damn harem boy
Maybe someday he will- takane
+Xarillon DMCB I honestly want to see a rom-com of you guys with Rid being that dense harem guy oAo
+Ai -suu he's a lucky one, isn't he ;)

MAD ARCHITECT - This Means War

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Narcissist / psychopath : spirituality

My ex tried to kill the "conciousness the I am"in me a supreme example of his grandiousity, I am a universal being, how can he kill the universe. The temporary ...

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This is not going to benefit you, quote the opposite. If this was beneficial way of living then Indian people would not have been in a misery as they are. Have you ever visited India. I have. Their way of thinking is way out of this world. Is it bcs of there practice of yoga, meditation and other things that they use to alter there mind? Have you ever read the Bible? Real peace is in Jesus Christ. We all are, sinners, and that is realization we have to come to. Only than we will come to Jesus and ask him to save us and only then one will have true Peace. Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE. Everything else is counterfeit, designed to lead you away subtle from that fact. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16
it's great having my own channel I get to say what ever I like and having lived with a narcissist / psychopath for twelve years who told me what the fuck to do say and think I now don't give a Shit what other people think especially not people who are not prepared to look at others ideas and values as I say if you don't like what you are hearing move right the f along hey maybe start your own blog that's what I say I am here for me first and foremost and its great.
Thank you for sharing! I love this!

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