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Delusional disorder tmj Videos

How is Parkinson's disease diagnosed?

National Parkinson Foundation - Rajesh Pahwa, MD.

What are the most common side effects of Parkinson's disease medications?

National Parkinson Foundation - Zoltan Mari, MD.

Pain Markers.mp4

Vitaly Napadow: Neuroimaging markers for chronic pain disorders -- objective outcomes for evaluating acupuncture therapy.

Oral Systemic Balance therapy on a patient with Parkinson's

This series of video clips taken from a 2 hour appointment shows the effect of managing swallow function on a patient with Parkinson's disease. For more ...

The Deadly Sisterhood: Amber

I'd only seen her for a split second. I had one sharp glimpse of her face which made the horror to tragic. She had long butterscotch wavy hair that cascaded down ...

Acting Wisely: Counseling and Crisis


Extreme eye muscle pain due to oculogyric.

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Thanks for your video. I'm a medical student that was researching this topic, and your video is one of the best done examples available. Thank you.
I wish you the best bro! Eye problems suck! I hope your better now. Peace.
I have had those spells before I pray that God will heal you
very good quality video, thank you for teaching !

crisis counseling

communications speech.
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