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Delusional disorder treatment risperidone Videos

Diagnosing and Treating Schizophrenia (Schizophrenia #2)

Schizophrenia can be scary, but learning how it is diagnosed and treated can help!Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru: //www.healthguru.com/?YT.

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i think i have schizophrenia but i don't. i hear voice's of people i know when i am trying to go to sleep or hear people shout my name when their not. i also sleep allot some times and then not at all. just right now i have school in 3 hours and have slept 4 in the past 24. also i all ways think their is someone behind me or when i am trying to sleep there is some one at the side of my bed stareing at me but when i look up there is no one there. can any one help?. i am afraid to tell my family
I think you haven't known anyone w Schizophrenia. I do. I lost my brother to it. It is NOT a control issue to get him help. If I was in his shoes, I would pray to God that someone would help me, instead of saying, "well, he wants to be alone, so leave him alone". BS! It's probably the LONELIEST disease ever. And extremely heartbreaking to see someone go through it. How distressing it must be to think that someone's after u & be fearful all the time. To be homeless, hungry, unable to work, etc.
@Brianpre. I think its is difficult for you to have these things on your mind. your love for your mother and brother is very important but they affect you especially if they are psychotic. Try not to drugs. have people in your life that you can talk to about these things. if you get depressed and go alone with difficult thoughts, insist on talking to a psychologist about your worries. One thing can lead to another if you go early you might be put into a less serous box with a better outlook.
I think schizophrenia is entirely circumstantial, brought about by life experiences, as every sufferer will testify to traumatic events or long term experiences of opression. There is no biological evidence that it is genetic. The medical model, however wants people to believe that it is a result of faulty genes and not as a results of life experiences. The reasons for this are complicated, but one major reason is for them to support the notion that drugs may provide a solution eventually.
@sokseb I think you are right. Genes are not everything, person can learn new behaviours as you mentioned and reduce those not wanted, negative. As quantum physicists now show there is nothing fixed. Genes are not something fixed and thats it we are doomed. The most amazing thing about our minds and emotions is that we can change them we can train ourselves. Otherwise as some people say we have our genes and we cant do anything about it. I think this is very sad and dangerous dogma :-)
Hey guys. I'm battling from schizophrenia. I'm not asking for money or views or anything, but just for support and for people to hear me out. My psychiatrist said to let people know about your problem, but everyone thinks I'm weird and my family cannot understand or take me seriously. I made a blog about my problems, and I hope we can talk on there. My blog is battlingschizophrenia.blogspot­.com . Fellow schizophrenics, you should also come. We can fight the battle together.
@Brianpre1 My son's father was paranoid schizophrenic and now my 8 year old son has schizoprhenia. You may want to search Dr. Abram Hoffer on youtube. There are several videos posted about him and his natural remedies using high doses of Niacin and Vitamin C, B-6 and others. There has been a 90% recovery rate with his "orthomolecular treatment". My son is trying this treatment. Are you also aware of the link between gluten and schizophrenia. Please google it.
Schizophrenia is a bogus condition. It is created by society not genetics and it is maintained by the medical establishment in order to enforce control and provide consistent revenue for drug companies which fund psychiatric research. Psychiatry claims it is a medical problem, it is not, but they drug a patient and it becomes a medical problem. In truth it is social problem which, given the correct information and stimulus can be reversed in a patient.
[Naas 114:1] Proclaim (O dear Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him), I take refuge of the One Who is the Lord of all mankind.[Naas 114:2] The King of all mankind. [Naas 114:3] The God of all mankind. [Naas 114:4] From the evil of the one who instils evil thoughts in the hearts and stays hidden. [Naas 114:5] Those who instil evil thoughts into the hearts of men. [Naas 114:6] Among the jinns and men. SURAH NAS 114 QURAN EXPLAINS ???????
Many refuse treatment (or are in denial), and many can't cope/live in the mainstream because of their bizarre behavior, (more than likely from severe rejection by either society of their mothers and fathers). Their thoughts are so disorganized and this specific mental illness is not always easy to detect. However, once detected, immediate treatment is necessary by a qualified mental health M.D.
I think I am being misunderstood here. I am not saying that it does not exist (it does very much so) but I am implying that schizophrenia is a manufactured condition, that only exists because it is allowed to exist, it does not need to exist. It can be dealt with effectively through compassion, nutrition, exercise, complimentary therapies, friendship and sexual healing, where necessary.
@Rudgar2011 that is actually really good advice.. im not sure if I have it or not. I used to think peoples attention were always on me. My main symptoms are apathy and social withdrawl(not severe) but both are improving. I do have great concern what people think about me... it weighs heavily on me at times. I need to keep in mind that nobody is perfect and try to better myself daily.
This - part where you say that schizoprenics often lead normal lives in main stream jobs may well be true , though i know of people here in Australia who do not cope well with the condition, only to have there welfare cut with the department citing those who can cope. The results of the welfare cuts are tragic every time , with the person ending up on the streets and jail.
What do your family and friends say? They would be able to tell. My ex boyfriend developed paranoid schizophrenia while we were together and he was constantly accusing me of cheating on him but he would also say some pretty off the wall things which didn't tip me off right away until one day he just lost it and there was no question that he was ill. .
I had some sypmtoms of this when I was a teen. I believe it was caused by the meds they were making me take because once I stopped at age 18 I got better. It can be a complicated sort of chicken vs egg thing. My point is drugs can worsen a conditiion or create one that wasn't there to begin with.
You need a physiologist to help you get to know your self, what is important to you and what techniques you can use to help you break negative thought patterns and you need to activate yourself with something that you like and feel are not sick but productive. I need some of the same things
sounds like an effect from separation anxiety. If you are smoking pot or drinking/ other substance abuse at the same time of this separation, it can cause this feeling. One good thing to remember is you are not alone and someone out there has it worse than you! ( kinda harsh...but true!)
i had schitzo since i was 15 but i learned to control it and rather let it control me i use it to my advantage.The knowledge u get if you learn to control your schitzo is unbelievable.Society should start using shamans rather then psychologists for treating schizophrenia

The Real Cure for Schizophrenia,

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This is BULLSHIT. With this fake narcissistic "avatar" is implying with this here is that schizophrenia is negative/dualistic consciousness. It's NOT. He is however correct in assuming that schizophrenia is the action of removal of self/ego, and thereby reverting to a more tribalistic state of consciousness. And here is exactly where the false spiritual beliefs of the East into play which dictate that animals/tribal people are on a lower plane of existence through the accumulation of negative karma. WRONG! Study the theory of evolution FFS. Karma has nothing to do with it. Animals are not where they are because they have negative karma/separated consciousness, they are where they are because they are lagging behind us in the evolutionary proces. It is plain retarded to assume every entity starts in the middle (human plane, and thus enter the rationalization that every being below the human plane must thus be negative/demonic), everyone starts at the LOW end. No one starts climbing the ladder from the middle step... I argue that the real negative/separated consciousness are not the schizophrenic like this guru implies, but the aristocratic, narcissistic and psychopathic (psychopathy=/=psychosis). (I thus funnily enough argue that this guru who offers the "cure" of separated consciousness, is actually the real separated consciousness in disguise!) Guru's and avatars are versions of Eastern aristocrats, who take on the status of God incarnate to drain admiration and blind obedience from their followers, not to mention money. The lower class are not the "parasites", the higher class is! The higher class feeds off the lower class, not vice versa dumbasses... And thus, the higher class feeds the lower class spiritual bullshit in return that says they are where they are because it's God's (or "The Universe") will, they have some vague spiritual "lesson" to learn, or because of negative karma. Ofcourse none of this applies to the higher class themselves who are already spiritual masters, the enlightened teachers... Why do they feed you this? So you will continue to obey them, the aristocratic higher class, instead of rising up. OWNED.
Ok, I just followed the link and it seems that the books are not free. Why did you say they are free? I don't disagree with what you are saying. The summary you wrote is brilliant and almost scary to think about coming to the truth and understanding. People have been dellusional since day 1 and once you can see the truth, im sure its a bittersweet and lonely place since they're arent that many people out there that are "conscious"". So, is there a way to read the books for free cause i'm broke.
sorry to disappoint you but im a chemist and Schizophrenia is a neurological disorder the effects you explain in your video a low and high effects of schizophrenia people can hallucinate the real cure isnt reading, or understanding because its a chemical thing you can understand it but its still going to happen, the real cure is balancing your chemistry.the neurological chaos from schizo's are from lack of neurotransmitter and neurons lol ur better off taking lsd i can hook u up;)got the tools
you made this video to sell your books. the inhumanity of this world blows me away sometimes. do you not feel empathy for those who deal with this illness? i am not schizophrenic although i deal with other issues yet i feel much empathy for those who deal with hell in their own mind. if you could open your eyes a bit and help out of the kindness of your heart, then maybe you can find the separation of consciousness you mentioned. if i knew the cure there would be no money involved. one love.
From the Method of the Siddhas; FRANKLIN (ADI Da): What has all of that (pointing to his expression) got to do with anything, hm? You are very upset. What are you upset about? QUESTIONER: I'm not upset at all. FRANKLIN: Yes you are, my friend. (to another) Does he look upset to you? ANOTHER: Yes. I recognize that. (to the questioner) You know what that is? It is fear stone cold fear. ------- Adi Da: Fear is when Love stops short of Infinity. ---------- So Roky22 Says: Schizophrenia is Fear.
@madmanatsea A person becomes psychotic due to poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, MANY drugs, Stress, genetics, etc..........All these things except genetics put the human body UNDER STRESS, and when this happens, you get a tremendous surge of excitatory neurotransmitters that cause EXCITOTOXICITY which injures and damages the brain. Besides, the damage is made worse due to the fact that all your b-vitamins and magnesium has been depleted to create the neurotransmitters causing excito.
@roky22 It is not a chemical imbalance, and the IMBALANCE occurs when you introduce an antipsychotic in the brain. How in the world are you going to reprogram the brain like you would a computer? I would really like to see you do that to somebody's brain.......Would you stick something in his head like a cd-rom? Schizophrenia is a MALFUNCTION of the brain, and it has nothing to do with chemical imbalances or reprograming...You have to STOP the malfunction in its track at 1st chance!
Schizophrenia causes deterioration of certain parts of your brain that detect when things are wrong or fake. This doesn't mean that schizophrenics are stupid when, in fact, the disease tends to affect the most creative thinkers in society. It just means that most of the time, without medication, schizophrenics aren't able to tell when something is a hallucination. I am not schizophrenic but I know a lot about the disease because I did a lot of research on it out of curiosity.
I know many people are very skeptical about this as they should be. I wish the maker of this video went into more detail about these claims but I have to agree with him. There are more and more people out there pulling themselves out of the madness through meditation. That is the only thing I know that really works because you are fiixing the root of the problem. You will see eventually that everything is in YOUR MIND. YOU create the thoughts, dellusions, voices and so on.
active brain memo of the soul expression of past life memomries.....i got cured in 2 weeks...working with past lives...in tibet....it was expressed through my dreamcenter....beeing active awake all the time.....incarnation therapy....and soul guidence...hypnosis....meditation...mantras...the souls from past lifes is expressed and channeled.....some times prints from entities...beeings...also comes in...mostly to help...i hve a hybrid women....she is still here....guiding.
There is always hope. I proved supplements are the cure for psychosis and autism. I did my own research and I found out that supplements can improve or cure schizophrenia. The farmaceutical industry as well as the medical will not approve it because they will lose all their investments in research and experiments for this mental problems. We are money, capital, business. They do not care about us. Psych drugs make me sick of my stomach.
Dammit, so THAT's where it's all been going wrong! I KNEW it had to be something really simple - okay, back in a bit then... *goes off to re-program brain*... I think you'll find, if you weren't more preoccupied with selling lots of books and making lots of money than actually knowing anything about this subject, that schizophrenia and other mental disorders like it are just a little bit more complicated than you're making it sound.
...how true...and much better when you know the truth about sexuality and the hows of duality in the human spirit. Want to recover your true ID as you were back then as a kid and perhaps teenager, or your mate when in good standing? Avoid harsh sex of any kind - Be more of a preserver sexually, and know that your nature really doesn't agree with how you handled your bed side then, as when you look for peace in your sleep.
I don't mean to sound harsh but look up people like Jane Alexander. She will walk you through the insanity and tells you how she came out of it. She also has a book but you do not need to buy it. She has blogged her whole experience and it sounds terrifiying while reading it buy true. There is a way out.....Please don't stop taking your meds after reading up things that might help but with the right tools, its possible.
however id suggest psilocybin because its every serotonin like, and will increase your awarness. although you can just eat a banana and get serotonin from the fruit and dopamine and after a year of ingesting the fruit your more then cured you'll be high as fuck and have shit loads of melatonin you'll fall asleep in a earthquake but still lsd has help millions of people who drink booze and dont give a fuck
have you cured yourself using this book! my problem is deeper even i dont have schizo, but i was spiritual but i fallen to some extant, so the book reminded me of the source of the problem and solution but my brain wont easily accept the cure as my self engraved itsimpulses and conditions in my mind, im not tottaly hopeless, but i need to chat with you on some details if possible !: :)
If you are not ready to think differently then going of meds could be quite harmful. Putting yourself in a position to think differently requires more than just doing it, although that is the end result you want. Exercise, nutrition, support, medication all play a role. Nutrition is very important so a good starting point is to take a supplement like SBX for schizophrenia.
This video is DESTRUCTIVE. By encouraging a person to "just stop doing it", you are discouraging them from seeing a doctor. Schizophrenia is believed to actually damage the brain and the longer you wait to seek therapy, the worst it gets. I don't care what kind of help you offer, seeing a doctor is your very best bet and should always be done FIRST.
You seem to have all the answers don't you. Then why don't you use your divine knowledge and change the world for the better? Because no one is going to listen to a nut case like you unless they are schizophrenic and i feel sorry for them being prayed upon by you so you can rip people off by selling that toilet paper of yours you call books.
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