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Delusional thinking disorder Videos

delusional thinking

clip from 'Bored to Death' on believing your own delusional thoughts.

Studying Engineering "Leads" to Terrorism (THE SAAD TRUTH_151)

The insidious nature of Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome was demonstrated yet again in two recent articles. In one instance, a purported link between the study of ... https://zlumi.com/de/reviews/2366-mhlbachstberl/

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It's also known as "point at the sky and I will be rich too, because rich guy points at the sky" (stolen from Felix Dennis) MS-MD syndrome combined with bikeshedding... dancing around the multifaceted moral and social experience factors of grooming and radicalization.
... people looking for "easy answers" and seeing patterns that aren't there analogous to bigotry.Perhaps an evolution function of bigotry is constantly looking for an excuse to kill rivals / rival populations / oust social rivals and reduce competition for scare resources (status, privilege, females, land, money, etc.)? The two functions of bigotry would be to shrink competing populations and thin out one's own community. Horrific stuff.
Saying that terrorists are purely influenced by engineering is as retarded as saying they are purely influenced by religion.
+Louis Davies Before anyone argues back I would recommend you read Scott Atran (who destroyed Sam harris in a debate) book "Talking to the Enemy" A massive in depth study of terrorism and what drives terrorists to do what they do. It is impressive in its scope, research and balance. - His main finding is that terrorist organisations tend to be made up of loose networks of friends and family who die not just for a cause but for each other. Who gets radicalised is often quite random: "Someone gets becomes a jihadi, and friends follow, gathering force from sticking together." Being on the same soccer team or part of the same social club is a far higher determining factor than going to the same mosque. - Dawkins (another brilliant scientist who isnt so brilliant outside of his field) has argued, for example, that suicide bombers are brainwashed in religious schools. While I agree that religious schools should be removed, none of the 9/11 hijackers or Madrid train-bombers attended a religious school, and the one London Underground bomber who did so attended only briefly. Indeed evidence shows that in Muslim communities the deeper a person's religious scholarship, the less likely he or she is to be involved in jihadist activities. Most suicide bombers are not raised muslim - most become "born-again" muslims AFTER they have joined or been radicalised. Just look at many of the Paris bombers, petty criminals who had low level jobs, played football and were pretty angry. None of them were particularly dedicated in the religious department if religious at all.- Who "invented" suicide bombing ? The Tamil Tigers who are .... secular. They showed that suicide bombing is an incredibly effective tool when one has limited resources and it gets massive media attention = perfect for these groups. Sure plenty of islamic terrorists are comforted with the laughable belief that they'll have 50 virgins etc but thats not the reason the attacks are carried out.
Judging by the amount of phlegm needed to pronounce those names I will take a guess and say that all of them are from Wales.
+Rob Geezer I also thought the region is the common here!
I wonder what kind of engineering is being taught...As late as the 1920's, Muslims were taught, in major University, that the earth was suspended like a carpet , by ropes.
+216trixie Sounds like bondage to me...
I've solved it, all these people were male. It's the patriarchy people! Toxic masculinity in our culture is radicalizing these vulnerable young men. Wake up and turn to feminism.
+rutger houtdijk #eunuchise4ISIS

Video Request-Special Snowflake Syndrome

Reality crushes those who think they're special. And it's the BEST entertainment for those of us who didn't. From youth thinking they're "going to follow their ...

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I'm a special little snowflake.
damnit I'm homeless now
Reality is that in biology terms men and women are supposed to marry and have children young because that's when they look the best.
+Brittany Baxter stefan molyneux had a very informative video on the exact % of probability for complications on pregnancy. check it out
The healthiest age for a woman to bear children is between 18 and 25 years old. After that the list of risks and complications to both mother and child are much greater the further women go from that in either direction. It's rather selfish of a woman to wait until she is almost at the point of menopause to reproduce considering, not only the risk to her, but to her baby.
This guy a fucking tard
+Double No, you just demonstrated your degenerate level of thinking.
+Double The sooner you wake up from your special snowflake syndrome, the sooner you'll start living in reality. Otherwise you will hit the wall of reality face first at high speed when reality finally hits.
+Double Special snowflake # 10309249A
+Double How did you arrive that conclusion?
+Double You guy is fucking gay. See? I can argue at your neanderthal level too!
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