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China civil military integration Videos

Congress Marks 60 Years of Military Integration

PlusCongress Marks 60 Years of Military IntegrationCongress Marks 60 Years of Military IntegrationThe Associated PressMembers of Congress and veterans ...

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I was born just a few years after the desegregation of the military, on USMC Base Quantico, VA, and my dad was active duty until I was 30. Growing up on military bases, the schools I went to were never segregated. Nothing on the base was segregated except by rank. When Dad was stationed at Camp LeJeune, NC, 1959-63, I got to see what segregation was. Driving off the base was like driving into a different world. There were "Whites Only' signs in windows, and "No coloreds allowed" signs cont.
continued- There were shacks that were about to fall down, always with blacks living in them. I remember standing in line at the Sears store at age 5 and looking behind me. I saw four doors, which were separate restrooms.. No one had to tell me that it was due to whites thinking they were better than blacks. It made me feel ashamed to be white. Thankfully, through the effort and sacrifices of many people, things began to change. I greatly appreciate those who made it happen.

Impact of TTP Split and Civil-Military Tensions on Pakistan; Modi-Sharif Talks Outcome

Naval Forces Western Mindanao Civil Military Operations Activities

U.S. and Japan - Assisting Myanmar's Development, Civil-Military Relations, Q&A with Dr. Aung Myoe

Civil Military Operations repack relief goods for Typhoon Glenda victims

The man and women of Civil Military Operations - National Capital Region stationed at Camp Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City expressed their help for the victims ...
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