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Washburn university bsw Videos

Kansas Anniversary Show - Dust In the Wind with Kerry Livgren

Kansas at Washburn University on Feb 7, 2009. 35th anniversary show with guest founding guitarist Kerry Livgren playing guitar on Dust in the Wind.

User Comments

What does Steve Morse play in this song? The second violin? or guitar? He sometimes played violin live with Kansas in the 1980s.
No, he didn't make it. But either way, having Steve Morse and Kerry there was awesome!
Was Robby Steinhardt there too?
Violin - at least he tries...

Sunflower Journeys - Fred Phelps - Westboro Baptist Church "Signs of Hate"

In 1996, KTWU's Sunflower Journeys series produced this segment entitled "Signs of Hate." The discussion was the same in that year as it is today. The segment ...

Spring 2012 graduate Commencement ceremony

On June 8, the graduate class of 2012 received their diplomas from the University--as well as a hefty dose of reality from Commencement speaker William Dean ...

UMass Boston 2013 Graduation Ceremony

UMass Boston's 2013 Commencement Ceremony.

RMIT A'Beckett Urban Square

A window into aspects of the process of the painting projects by Ash Keating and and the overall construction of RMIT A'Beckett Urban Square (designed by ... //buymagazines.org/de/reviews/2263-tangerine-beach-hotel/

El Faro English

The ULI Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition: 10 Years of Big Ideas and Bold Visions

The 2012 ULI Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition marks the 10th anniversary of contest. Here is a look back at a decade of fostering ...

Cole Medveal at bat SW Baseball Fall 2014

Cole Medveal 2 for 3 at bat today at Bakersfield Southwest Baseball. Only out today was a caught fly ball. Good job Lil' Buddy.

2011 Outstanding Advocacy Award: Seniors Resource Center

Seniors' Resource Center is dedicated to advocating for aging services at the local, state, and national levels. SRC advocates at the State Capitol, is active in ...
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