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British car club niagara Videos

Niagara Falls Pub - Superb Five Star Review by Pete M.

British Car Day 2015

British Car Day 2015, Held in Oakville Ontario. The largest British Car Show in North America. //buymagazines.org/de/reviews/2263-tangerine-beach-hotel/

2008 BRITISH BASH (3 OF 3)

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Translation of your question: "Which of your kids is the best?" The answer is not a simple one. My 1st response is, go to the search window on YT, key in "Top Gear The Truth About The Classics"... after you stop crying, it will put things into perspective. I'm looking for the Top Gear show where the Transportation Trinity decide on the best British car. I, as usual agree with James May about 104% of the time. When I find it, I will send it to you. BLESS YOU,for commenting and rating!! FSTOPDR
Cont. As I remember the arm came out of the pillar between the front and back side windows. There was a similar looking situation on the MG saloon (hee hee, me talking English again) and I think its in the pics before the "what is that?" comment. I can't imagine those trafficators lasting more than a week before being knocked off in traffic. I can see it now.. bad drivers showing off their mounted collection of 'dead' indicators in their den! :) BE WELL FSTOPDR Inside boat shots??? (snicker)
Sadly as close as I ever came to owning one was a '75 Audi Silver Fox... I know, not that close. My problem was, I confused the meanings for "repair" and "restore"... English translation: "rolling money pit." I'm not a person that should have one anyway... I'm far too much of an "insert key... drive... repeat" person. I was 24 years old before I learned of a fuel filter. In the YT search window, key "top gear the truth about the classics"... I cried! Be well Happy Motoring FSTOPDR
Exactly but alternate definition. semaphore /ˈsɛməˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [sem-uh-fawr, -fohr] Show IPA noun, verb, -phored, -phor⋅ing.noun 1. an apparatus for conveying information by means of visual signals, as a light whose position may be changed. 2, a system of signaling, esp. a system by which a special flag is held in each hand and various positions of the arms indicate specific letters, numbers, etc.
OMIGOD! I have this very old memory of walking home from school and seeing a car (I remember the exact place and think of it every time I drive there)that slowed down to turn... an arm came down like a drawbridge, with a flashing light on it. After the turn was made I never saw anything like it again... UNTIL LAST FREAKIN' WEEKEND! I could not find the owner to ask if that's what it was... thus the "what is this?" notation... (cont)
There are a few bikes in the 2007 British Bash video, but I don't know which part. There are 2 parts to the 2007 and 3 to the 2008 video. I'm driving up to the Cincinnati's club's show on Sunday. All the music has some tie to England, well except one tune you have already heard. :) Be Well, and thanks!! FSTOPDR
The motorcycles were most impressive. I'm not much of a rider but I can recognize truly vintage stock when I see it. Looked like a fun place to cruise/walk around :)
Thanks it's June every year. I hope to stay all day this year. I need to download some English tv and movie related themes. Damn did I say that out loud?
Yes, the last one is mine. The Honda Fit with the Union Jack on the front, the radio caroline sticker on the back and the song, "The Great Pretender."
Actually it is most commonly called a "Semaphore". In the vid you see one on the MG window pillar detail also.
No, THANK YOU! I try to use music as an audio joke in all but one of my videos, "Why Bully?" Be well FSTOPDR
boo-KAY! lol! The last one is yours? Fantastic, but why not have some better pictures of it? Pleeeese?
Awesome - I've never been much of a car enthusiast, but I do enjoy these car show videos!! Dave:)
Very smooth! Love your sence of humour! British built Hondas are good, Ive had a couple myself!
What's this? Itr is a trafficator, or indicator. I had one of those cars.
I'm in the same number of my videos as you are in yours! :) FSTOPDR
i love classic sports cars,love and respect scotty and libby:0)
Which car's your favourite out of all you've seen at the show?
P.S. That original sighting was about 43 years ago. LOL!!

Wolseley Car Club State Rally 2004

Wolseleys at the Wind Farm.
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