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2001 club car rpm limiter Videos

2001 Mustang Gt 6,800rpm rev limiter

This is my 2001 Mustang Gt with bolt on's, tune and engine work making a hell of a sound when I hit my rev limiter at 6800rpm.

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Who's gay??? Main Event for faggss?

Mustang 2000 gt REV LIMITER BAD

Rev limiter kicks in between 1st and 2d gear on auto.

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You should make a how to install video!
Limiter is doing its job it's your tranny
What was the problem ? 

2-step launch limiter at the track

Raced with a local z-car club and won the bracket event. lol. THis video shows the Greddy Emanage Ultimate 2-step launch rev limiter in action nicely though.

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its a white crx wiht 275 m/t drag slicks wiht a race built b16a2 with 95mm throttle body with 3.25 inch piping right out the right headlight port. vtec timed at 800 rpm.. akmee race ehad kit. makes 261hp at the wheels at 9900 rmp. 11.80 is my fastest time ever. i run constant 12.2s though
It's a feature that holds your rpms at a constant level while you're launching until a certain point (eg wheels grab) and then lets you accelerate normally after that. Makes for quicker/more consistant launches, and for SC/TC cars allows some boost to be built sitting on the line.
In this video (2 yrs old) the engine is basically stock internally (the 3L VQ) with complete intake and exhaust and tuning via the EU, including a bit higher rev limit. The car is now easily into the 12's with cams and flywheel added, and a swap to the 3.5L VQ is in progress.
wow its fun to hear what the girls are talking about :-) first off its a maximum ;-) and the 2nd girl thought the smoke has to come from the back tires! And the modifications ... there is stuff done to it. LOL
haha "maxima making all kind of noise going down the track" awesome. Details on the build? I actually have an emanage-u I'm about to install and didnt even know about the 2 step limiter!
haha she was all thinkin maxima? wats that doin here...haha i love it when we suprise them, dang dandy ur car is loud! im sure u dont use this car for everday drivin nemore
Because of budget, because it's a sleeper, because it's more of a challenge and surprises the pants off of cars that *should* be a lot faster. Just for fun.. why else?
That is one sick maxima... always loved those cars even tho Im a honda lover. I still love those cars, always under rated, but fast with the right parts. good job!!
HAHAHAHAHA dude the cometary on this haha.. so freakin funny, that makes the vid it really does. like the car and the two step as well good shit
Commentary was funny shit hahaha... And that car is absolutely a sleeper Sounds amazing and very good job. i hope you get into the 11's soon
No it's not a daily driver anymore lol. But it isn't that loud on the street, it has an exhaust cutout on it for the track... ;)
i got a 95 vq3.5 swap. i love it when some kid comes up to me n says "yooo that just shot out a flame" haha VQ Power
Go before show... the looks stuff will be addressed later on, or maybe you just don't like Maximas?

2001 Mustang GT Magnaflows, Revving, Redline, Full Throttle Takeoff

My friends mustang having some fun at a local car show. First time he hit the rev limiter, and sounds 10000x better in person! //larevue.top/reviews/484-munkimix-alliage-genuine-leather-vritable-bracelet.html

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Magnapacks and O/R X?
Yeah I liked the magnapacks they were perfect loudness if you didnt want to piss of neighbors and such but now its loud as hell haha. I like the change though, rarely do people downgrade with exhaust so its nice to see changes with exhaust setup!
Used to have the same set-up and it sounded very, very similar then I switched to my Super 44s and later swapped out the X for an H. I miss the X though! He definitely upgraded with the Super 10s!
Magnapacks, I'm 99% positive.

850 t5 cut off or rev limiter by rick ;D (tchin lé esti.)

Revving CL65 (3000 rpm limit)

CL65 AMG Biturbo D007 MOB.

9 99 pass

V6 Mustang Yes I rode the rev limiter, but damn it, he was right next to me and I lost the race by about 29". Had seen his ass all day...Now we where door to door ...

Sunya's 76 capri volvo 850T engine #2

Sunya's 76 capri volvo 850T engine #2 rev limiter test at 4000 RPM.
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