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Superferry car shipping Videos

2GO Travel Ships and Ship informations

2GO Travel Ships and Ship informations Current vessels of 2go Music:Sims 3 - Versimilitude I DO NOT OWN THESE PICTURES! SuScRiBe!

Aerial (drone) view - Superferry sailiing off the drydock

F/B Superferry, the new ship of Golden Star Ferries sailing off the drydock of Piraeus. Shot with DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

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Πανέμορφο πλοίο! Πανέμορφο βίντεο!
Another great video man, thanks for sharing.

Cars loading on the Hawaii Superferry

Cars make their way up the ramp and onto the Hawaii Superferry during a test run.

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They let cars on bcuz its a ferry. If it were just a boat then they wouldn't

Stena Line Superferry

Take a look onboard Stena Line's new superferry Stena Hollandica. The largest ferry in the world sailing between Harwich and Hook of Holland on the North ...

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We travel this route twice a year and we enjoy the service we get but I could never work out what the wake up call music is called , can Someone tell me please
thanks for telling me !
+Josh Ward Hi Josh, great to hear you enjoy our service! The song is called Don't worry be happy. We hope to welcome you onboard once again! ^S
Hey can I add something which will make you ferry even better 100% I will travel with you and I will never change, been traveling with you guys since I was 1 years of age however please can you please please add walkers crips in the ferry to Liverpool to Ireland or Ireland to Liverpool, this is because I have elegiac reaction to the chips that you sell Please can you take this intro consideration thank you, Shauna❤️ 
Hi Shauna, thank you for reaching out. Thank you for travelling with Stena Line. It's good to hear you enjoyed our service often and have a suggestion. Could you please send your suggestion by e-mail to [email protected], adding your contact details and we'll pass this on to the correct department. ^S
Can't wait to get on!
Thanks for travelling with Stena Line. We hope you will have a good trip onboard our Superferries.

Ferry Sinks in Philippines Killing 38, over 243 missing (VIDEO)

At least 26 people have died and more than 200 are missing after a ferry collided with a cargo ship and sank off the Philippines. The MV Thomas Aquinas was in ...

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Accidents are preventable if people care enough to ensure the lives of others. This is a simple disgrace of people doing the wrong things and expecting things to go right. Philippines you have to learn to be more careful. All accidents, murders, crimes can be preventable if people are doing the right things. Every time rebels attack the government should strike at these criminals. Your president is negligent towards the people. 10 billion pesos disappeared and no one noticed till it was too late
are you fucking kidding me? seriously? sigurado ka 99% chance of survival?! dude Air France AF447 stalled and dropped 38,000 feet in three minutes as it plummeted into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, killing everyone on board. imagine it crashes into the water still all passengers including the crew died.. eh ang sea going vessel nga konting collision lng disgrasha agad eh air-plains pa kaya. konting ligas lng ng volts/etch ng plane durog na yan sa taas palang.
kung oras mo na, oras mo na.. mas brutal ang plane crashes kung ikokompara mo sa ships. eh buti pa nga ung ship may life raft, life boat, EPIRB at SART, smoke signal, hand flares, parachute flares at food rations. eh ang plane pag mag crash instant kill.
we dont know whats the reason behind nganu nagbunggo.,peru katingalahan jud kau nga kadaku sa dagat man unta nganu nagbunggo pa. .hahay lets all pray nlng sa mga na dead and missing people. .god will provide!
the ferrys have no safety standards,well trained crew,always overloaded.and as a captain they hire jeepney drivers. no wonder so many ferry accident cause so many life every year in that shithole county
Come on, Wake up and I bet you those in the ship where drinking alcohol. this is what we heard from sources. If you are responsible for a ship with people on it you don't drink on the job.
bakit pa nman kac mgbanggaan anu ba gnawa ng mga captain natutulog ba?alam nyo bang npakaraming buhay nkasalalay sa kamay nyo,,
honga..atleast pag plane laging safe at kung mag crash man 99% ang chance of survival. unlike ship wala ng pag asa dedz ka na!
They should, at all times, follow traffic rules. Crossing at a redlight wil always cause a collision. Take care nextime.
alam mo ba kung bakit nilagay sa ulo ang utak natin? kasi you should think first before you speak......
ano ba tu?? diba 2Go at Sulpicio Lines yung nagcollide e bakit superferry yung nasa pic.. hahayyy..
Lagi nalang! Anu ba namang mga barko yan! Magsara na kayo kung di naman nyo maayos mga ferries nyo,
Nuh b tlga name ng ship na lumubog??2Go p nman snakyan qoh punta ng manila last yr..
the gook monkeys are nothing but trouble, this cleanup is not nearly enough.
another example that natural selection takes care of these subhuman gooks.
isa sa mga nasawi ay ang kaibigan ko,,,i will miss you..my friend..
Pa add pod xa fb [email protected] Miss qoh na ang pinas!
Stupid niggers of Asia they should all drown!
Nkktakot nmn kya ayoko na sumakai ng ship..

OCEAN JET FERRY PRICES in the Philippines Are BETTER THEN 2GO BOAT PRICES Cebu Boat Terminal 00018

OCEAN JET FERRY PRICES in the Philippines Are BETTER THEN 2GO BOAT PRICES Cebu Boat Terminal 00018 https://youtu.be/vrRswoQ1O-s.

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