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Toyota 86 competitors Videos

Forgeline Wheels at Harrop Ultimate Street Car 2015

Harrop Ultimate Street Car Invitational is the perfect platform for automotive enthusiasts to test their skills & vehicles performance. As a key partner of the event ...

2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake - Official Trailer

It's shooting brake season, people. Porsche has green-lighted the Panamera shooting brake concept, we'll soon be driving Ferrari's restyled GTC4Lusso, and ...

Savika Refa Zahira (9) with all competitors, 2013 ISI Worlds Southern California, Open FS Gold

2013 ISI Worlds Anaheim Arena, Event 86, Female 7-9 yrs Anaheim Ice, NHL Rink 23 July 2013 5:28pm OPEN FREESTYLE GOLD in order of appearance: ...

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Is Savika's song Carmen? :) Love the rose in her hair, starting and opening layback spin
Indeed Freeskate Gold are very strong... It's an extraordinary exposure for my daughter, competing with US skaters. Thank you for the compliment.I am not too sure about the music. If I am not mistaken, this is a theme song of one Korean movie.

Automation: GT86 Competitors/Game Breaking Bugs

Bruce and I each built a GT86 competitor with the intent to compare them in the video. The game in its current awful state had other ideas... Steam Link: ...

2JZ 240SX vs Nitrous V8s!

The 1600+hp turbo AND nitrous 2JZ 240sx returns to 1320Video in this BADASS feature, going toe to toe with some serious domestic competition. Spraying a ...

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Noob question but why did its engine pause for a bit after launching? That seemed to cause it to lose distance against the opponet. Overlap?
+Luq Man I think he said he forgot to purge the N2O, so it stumbled.
2jz 240sx FTW!
I see you on every car channel I watch lol. And on snap chat lmfao
Cylinders and displacement mean nothing now days when the amount of boost and nitrous are involved
+tr0n True. Apples to apples, larger displacement = more power  - coming from a guy who owned a couple 2JZ's :)
+ishootstuff fair enough, but in general terms larger displacement = more flow. top fuel still hasn't stepped down to 2L 4cyls.and this is coming from a guy that loves 4 cyls. (and daily drives something with an LS in it)
+tr0n If the heads, intake, and exhaust don't flow, it doesn't matter how much boost you jam into it. With todays turbo and EFI technology, I agree, displacement isn't what it used to be. Keep in mind this is coming from a guy who has an 8 liter V10 - with shitty flow.
+Voroseeg yes, but displacement and weight are not linear.a fully dressed LS weighs 458lbs.a viper v10 weighs 712lbsa 2JZ weighs 594lbs
+tr0n bigger also means heavier, heavier means slower though
+yaseenshuja1 bull fuckin shit. try jamming 60psi of boost into a 6L, see how much power that nets you.engines are simple, they move air. the more air you can move, the more power you make. the bigger the pumping element, the more air they move!
I've seen/heard alot of 2jz's but this one sounded weird to me didn't sound like the normal 2jz noise they make..but anyways great passes!
+Steve oh it kinda sounded like a 3 rotor
Haha I know it does but the engine sounds way different
+Steve oh It does have a massive turbo... lol

Toyota 86 vs Ducati 749 vs Hyosung GT650R

Brand new 86 vs Duc 749 and GT650R.

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86 lol.Wasxthe bike trying or can't be ride????
Eyy Mt Nebo!

Scion Tuner Challenge Driver almost has an accident before competition

In the spirit of competition its always great to catch your competitors with their pants down. Right before this footage started, we were all wondering why Team ...

800hp R35 GT-R Battle Part 2 - Hot Version 113 Eps 4

Rent Hot Version worldwide and on a host of devices at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/hotversion We go back to Tsukuba too see the rest of the competitors and ...

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Which R35 is this? 2008? 2013?
+Regis Chen They don't have the cute lights on the bottom so I assume pre-2011.

Toyota Supra 2016 | New Cars

Release Date and Price for 2016 Toyota Supra When will Toyota Supra officially go on sale is not yet certain. Price is also questionable, but it is assumed to be ...
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