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Toyota 86 cold air intake Videos

Adding a Cold Air Inductions intake to a 2014 V6 Camaro

Added a Cold Air Inductions intake to my 2014 2LT Camaro today, so I decided to do a before and after comparison video.

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where did u get that stripe?
I had the dealer put it on as part of the sale. That said it was a factory add on for the 2014 year.
Nice... I have a 2015 v6 (identical to the 2014).... have you checked out the turbo kits? ive looked around and browsed.
+SWEEPZCF I believe they were a factory add on for the 14's and they do I fact go bumper to bumper. That said the dealership installed them for me and I never did find out where they goth them from.
+Michael Erickson What is the name of those stripes man? Im assuming they go down to the rear bumper just like the front? I want to get them on my Camaro but i dont know if my dealer has those as an option as they arnt your typical Camaro stripes.
+Michael Erickson yea... Seems like a costly UG but well worth the extra power
Haven't really looked yet though I'm interested!
Why people get a CAI for the V6? They obviously don't care about speed.
+Javaris James Don't worry horse, I'm sure Javaris has a 2015 ZL1 sitting beside his Aventador in his driveway since he talks so much shit about someones car...
+Javaris James Because not everyone can afford or cares enough to spend an extra $5k for two more cylinders.
Am I the only one who still does not understand this shit why do u own a v6 Camero
+iPRO7thst First of all, get your G.E.D. its Camaro not Camero. Do you even own one? Secondly, To each his own. That's why Chevy offers options. I happen to own both a 2013 RS V6 and 2015 Z/28. A lot of my friends happen to own V6 Camaro's and they're just as bad ass as any V8. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink! Just like yours.

carb with cold air intake

This is a isuzu pickup mini truck with a cold air intake made out from a tube that no body wanted and I took adventage of it.

User Comments

I have same truck seems to be same engine, and my edelbrock air cleaner sounds more aggressive in my opinion but cool little rigging you did there, a bit more flex pipe and you could re route it down by the bottom of the radiator/bumper and really grab some nice cool air, good start though, also I notice you have the same hissing I have after my swap from the stock intake and I know its vacuum lines but I haven't exactly plugged them all off yet cuz when I do engine wants to die on me and idle goes crazy low, maybe you know how to do the setup, let me know how if you do
what the hell are you guys talking about to "hear the intake" either I really missed something or you guys are crazy. the intake doesn't make noise besides maybe a little hissing. that's exhaust making noise.
sweet im making a cold air intake for my honda prelude its a dual carb thou and can u made a video of the intake sound and then a video of u coming up on the camera so we can hear the intake
how did you hook it up cuz when i took of my filter pan off the carb there was a shit load of hoses under it conected to the oil n the filter pan?
How is thatba cold air intake if your drawing air from the engine compartment?? I just saying...
My god some of these people in the comments are retarded, nice setup man.
Carb with cold air intake? Fucking retard that's fuel injection
Aww how cute...hahaha..get a real car fucker!!
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