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Toyota 86 crash christchurch Videos

Moffat Crashes 05 Bathurst 86

//www.australianautosportcommunity.com/ Allan Moffat talks about his crash driving Peter Brocks 05 Commodore at Bathurst 1986.

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Brock should have remembered the effort Holden made to get this car back in the race when he was dissing them over the split a year and a half later. People went to the closed-up factory in Melbourne, stole the parts they needed off the assembly lines without any paperwork, and then held up a Melbourne-Sydney flight to get the parts to Bathurst on time to repair the car.
Don't forget, guys, Moffat had been racing a Mazda RX-7 for four years, then sat out 1985 without a drive. He had been out of a Ford for that long. Remember also that he had driven a Ron Hodgson Torana at Amaroo in '79 and a MHDT Commodore at the 1980 Sandown 400.
my dad bought me the model to this car back in 86 from the holden dealer team stand at Oran park i now wish i didnt play with it in the dirt and distroyed it ....they are now a few hundred bucks..but to me this is the best looking race car ever in the world
Must have been hard for Moffat ? mm must have been hard to sit in the commentary box for ch 7 for so long until brock threw him a line and took him on to win the Wellington 500 and then to Europe in the Vk mm hard.
Ah...... Anyone tell me who won 86 bathurst ha ha ha. Did ford get a podium finish lol...... once again..... NO. Bring back real race cars to Bathurst, and f@ck these sh!t box fords off.
Moffat crashed the shit box 'cause they don't handle as good as a ford. Don't forget brock drove a ford sierra 'cause holdens couldn't catch them. K.J. Edmonton.
Was there when that happened. Oh we gave it to him. He eventually jumped over the wall to wait for his pick up. He was copping it so much
If driving a Commonwhore is a low point for Moffat, clearly a high point of Brocks career was stepping into the Ford Sierra!!!
Probably a pretty low point in Moffs career... having to drive a shitbox Commodore.... how embarrassing.
Moffat changed brands like is undies.... keep the dick head in a ford lol
lol Moffat may have still been getting a pay check from ford
Typical. Allan couldn't drive a greasy stick up a dogs ass.
@HouseOfHorsePowerInc He's smart enough to avoid trees!
Putg Al in a good car & this is what happens. RIP PB.
@TheWazza93 Holden Owners Lick Dicks Every Night
@TheWazza93 Too bad the engines sound the same
bahahahahahahah F ucker O nly R uns D ownhill
He hates Holdens as much as I do :P
Whats the name of the song?
First On Race Day
@LadyboyAgogo lol

Riener Huge Crash @ 2015 Toyota Racing Series Teretonga Race 2

Riener Huge Crash @ 2015 Toyota Racing Series Teretonga Race 2.

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That made me cringe, the live and onboard replay.

Bad Rear End Accident on I-86

nissan xterra rear ended a rear motor cement truck in a construction zone on i-86 near elmira, ny.

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The height of the car saved the person. A lower car would have ended differently.
Nice that hurt

Drew Donovan V8 Nissan S15 Crash - D1NZ Drifting R2 Mt Smart 2014

Extended clip from Drew Donovan's big smash along the concrete walls during his Top32 battle against Steven Sole. Demon Energy D1NZ National Drifting ...

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That's what you get for v8swaps karma hahahaha 
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