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Hotel aruba santa fe capital Videos

Viaje con nosotros Aruba y viva una noche de fiesta.flv

Snorkel Aruba 4 Mar 2016

Christmas in Aruba

EF '13 | Introducing Electric Festival

Tickets available now: //www.electricfestival.com/tickets 2013/2014 will be the year of Aruba's first annual Electric Festival. The Electronic music gathering for ...

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. . . . . is not House nor EDM nor Techno . . . . . is called NOT FOR PARTY Radio (electronic music for everything else) tonight at 10pm EST on enation dot fm featuring PTEW? Progressive Trance Electro What? mpsoup dot com, I would love to play and promote this festival, heck yeah!!!!!!
Esto tiene que convertirse en el festival mas grande de musica electrónica del Caribe y Latinoamérica. Denle tiempo. Asi sera, y aparte queda cerca para los venezolanos que amamos este tipo de musica.
When did house music come to Aruba? 1996 a radio dj started playing house music on Hit 94fm Everybody on the island was into 'bubbeling' at that moment.... It all started in 1996
If you need an airplane ticket you can fly aruba airlines they are flying from and to maracaibo / panama they will begin operating to valencia and miami soon :)
The fuck... Hard Rock and techno xD I wonder whether the crowd will hate him, or love him, not for the music, but because hey... it's Slash..
Anyone know if this is at Renaissance? Also i have a timeshare there...and i wanna go that week in 2015...wonder if its blacklisted
Hmmm a techno crowd...THEY DON'T DESERVE SLASH. Kidding though really it's an odd mixture Hard Rock and Techno...
Chuckie, Hardwell and Slash at the same place is MADNESS!!! Aruba is where you need to be in september.
If you need an airplane ticket. Fly on Dutch Antilles Express. You get free drinks on board! woo hoo!
Started a bit earlier than that my friend. I played all house music sets in 93/94 in Aruba.
Finally a real festival! I'm a real house music fan so this shit is gonna be epic!
Casi voy a este festival, la cosa es que ese día me iba de Aruba y no pude estar
People getting excited for this event, don't even know any of these artist.
Slash and chuckie are gonna do a live thing like the song rocktronica.
*Correction* Dzeko & Torres vs Chuckie - Down To This (Original Mix)
Curacao Showbizz will be covering it! Can't wait!! @curacaoshowbizz
Noo!!! why the didnt this festival in May!!! I want to come backkk
holy fuck... booking my flight from Suriname wh000000ttt !!!
Chuckie & Dzeko & Torres - Down To This (Original Mix)
EDM came from HouseMusic... 1st there was house....

Cuerpo Policial Aruba: Demostracion di Bike Team

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bn video !!!


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