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Romer Calls Debt-Limit Compromise Plan `Disappointing'

Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Christina Romer, former chairman of President Barack Obama's Council of Economic Advisers and a Bloomberg contributing editor, talks ...

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"This man-made crisis was entirely avoidable. The Democrats could have raised the ceiling last December. They chose not to, handing a sword to their adversaries. Senate majority leader Harry Reid wanted to force the incoming Republicans to accept some responsibility for the increase. We’ve seen how that worked out. If Obama genuinely believed that the Republicans would cooperate because it was the right and responsible thing to do, then naïveté was the least of his mistakes." -William Galston

Rep. Garamendi Calls for Plan to Protect Seniors, Reduce Deficit & Create Jobs

2/15/13 On the Ed Show, Congressman Garamendi talks about the need for a balanced plan that protects seniors, reduces the deficit in a smart way, and creates ...

Rendell Calls for Changes in States' Pension Plans

Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, a Democrat, talks about the need to overhaul the public employee pension system as states face ...

KB: Baliktaktakan: Dropped calls ng Smart at Globe

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sa karagatan wala nyang drop calls.

Kinsey calls in about her baby shower plans

//www.KiddNation.com J-Si wife Kinsey calls in to talk about her plans for her next baby shower and tell everyone her man needs a raise!

New Digi Internet Sharing + Unlimited Calls Plans Explained

Today, Digi unveiled the new Digi Internet Sharing feature for all Digi Postpaid plans. They also announced two new Unlimited Calls plans as well as a Gadget ...

Make Free In & Out Calls $35 Virgin Mobile Plans

//www.twitter.com/AlohaAndroid //www.youtube.com/alohakrayz This is a short how to make free calls without sing any of your mins on virgin mobile $35 ...

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I'm a big VM fan. And VM works as far as meeting my needs here at home in the USA. However, at least once/year I end up going back to Canada to visit family/friends. As you likely know, VM phones don't have any calling/data services whatsoever as soon as you cross the border into Canada. The phone can (still) be used in Canada on Wi-Fi to surf the Internet obviously. So, here's my question... let's say I do what you've outlined in the video and take my VM phone to Canada with me. Will I then be able to finally make/receive phone calls in Canada via this app on a Wi-Fi connection? I'd be looking to call friends/family in Canada from the phone using this app while in Canada, as well as calling back to the USA using this phone app? Can it do that? That would be huge... huge ... huge.... so please let me know! Thanks!
Thank you for this! I always wondered how to make it so that Google Voice doesn't use my minutes should I use the app on my phone to place calls. Now I have a question: is it possible to make phone calls over wifi using your actual virgin mobile number instead of an independent number like with google voice? If it's relevant at all, I have the VM670 phone model (I think this is the LG Optimus V if I remember correctly).
Virgin Mobile is a great service. I also just signed up for Virgin Mobile and received $25 for being referred. If anyone would like to use my referral link and also receive $25 it is: https://refer.virginmobileusa.com/5SNWPZ0 Thanks!
does google now charge 20$ for porting number your contract will be terminated reading on google please get back to us abot it great video thanks
cool stuff. if you dont mind id like to re-make this video myself and tell my subscribers about this app. ill give you credit for finding it
OK.......But do I need to install the google voice app on my cell as well or can i bypass that process ? :)
@mpulido28 you dont have to download the google voice app just the groove ip app. thanx for watching
@LittleBrightAngel its decent but there is a 1second delay when talking
Groove IP costs $4.99. Groove IP LIte free only works over wifi.
Did you try to install GrooVe IP through Blackmarket Alpha?
thank you much this was soooooooooo helpful ("
is groove ip better then talktone ?
@david46000vlogs yes you can buddy
Or u could download text free
thanks alot man
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