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When was the last time you sat to listen to a story? And not just a story from any random person but from the one who actually owns it. Well the Writers Project of ...

Book presentation: Literary Debut Ish Ait Hamou - 'Hard Hart'

Book presentation: Literary Debut Ish Ait Hamou - 'Hard Hart' www.wpg.be.

Caron’s CEO Doug Tieman on WPG Talk Radio 1450AM

Caron Treatment Centers' President and CEO Doug Tieman sits down with host Dr. Bob Zlotnick on WPG Talk Radio 1450AM to discuss treatment outcomes, ...

WPG Group with Capillion International Media Coverage - iFenghuang TV Full 2011

Meditation Flash Mob, Winnipeg (@The Forks)

Video showing and explaining our first attempt at a meditation flash mob in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, at "The Forks" (Video Produced by Chen Si) Subscribe ...

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What you experience is common and many are sensing this even more at this time~ we were not meant to live as slaves in a system that servesto imprison us for a lifetime~ a system that robs our life essence, a system that sucks our energy from our soul~ that sets other humans above us as superior. Hold the thought of freedom~ welcome to your awkening~ you will find the escape path. Namast
For those who might like to help support Venerable Yuttadhammo's new monastery and meditation centre, please see the volunteers' campaign at https://www.youcaring.com/sirimangalo-international-monastery-meditation-centre-516926 for details. May all be happy & well. ♥
Venerable Sir, Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu I thank you for this most inspiring Dhammma Talk. I am so happy for the people in Winnipeg that you will no doubt be the beacon of light to knowledge and bring forth the understanding of meditation.
Is there something wrong with being radical?How long should one wait to open some eyes real wide and realise?I think the worry is of cynicism? From within the worriers ego? Maybe they should reconsider what is .....?
I know it is humour but "punk haircut" ? 40 years later is "abnormal"? And therefore aren't subject to normal worries (or normal haired peoples abnormal lives and worries)A part of the issue at hand...?
im sure yuttahammo is your buddhist name but what ever your birth name is , i want to say your videos are inspiring and enlightining , ive always been keen on buddhism
Very interesting and inspiring. I particularly loved the young boys with the ice cream cones. The older one seemed to be a natural meditator :)
When did you come to winnipeg? I watch your videos on the internet.. missed the opportunity. when are you coming again?
excellent practice. let me know when you do the world meditation I would like to join youe Peace Chuan fa USA
Very respectfully, how does one meditate when the mediator talks for so long?
You were at the Forks and I missed it! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Have you seen the Winnipeg Dharma Centre Yuttodhammo?
This is a very creative way to promote meditation.
great talk!! Thanks so much!
What temple do you go to?
YES! thank you monk!!!!!!
Very creative, good work!
Thank you for posting
Great idea!
Nice vid...
Thank you.

"Hi-Torque WPG with no Rudder" (Tilting flaps) R. Awni

It is Hi-Torque Tilting Flaps arrangement of no rudder type (Horizontal rotation) to drive wind power generators or gearboxes. This simple kind of driving ...

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Also had the same idea so I made a small model to test. Power output was good and easy start up.The only negative was the vibration caused by the rudder when it returned to the vertical position with quite a thump. I tried a few ideas to limit the vibrations but failed every time. The test model eventually falls apart from these vibrations. The raising and lowering of the rudders will have to be controlled by some mechanical means but this will increase the cost of the unit and take some of the power generated by the turbine.
Hello, I ran across your video tonight and it looks like we have similar ideas. It’s funny but we both uploaded less than a week apart 4 years ago. I still think this flap turbine idea has merit for certain applications but so far I haven’t seen anyone do much with it. It was good CAD practice for me and I went on to do a few other low wind speed concepts. I did find similar flap turbine designs that were patented back in the day and even some reference drawings back to the ancient Egyptians.
Simple idea - Cool effect!

【bounce】ウィーアー!WE ARE!を歌って演奏してみた(cover)【Dwarf no maid cafe 1st LIVE】

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