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Winnipeg canada dpd Videos

Safety at Home

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Sad but true, people need these tips...

Prevent Carjacking

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Let me give better advise: Always drive with windows closed, doors locked. Check the mirrors routinely when you are driving and when stopped at sign/light. Most importantly: carry loaded pistol of 9mm caliber or higher with live round in the chamber, and the rest in magazine hollow points. Gun should be readily accessible. If your legislators outlawed that for you, VOTE against them. Practice at range. Be very careful in judgement if you have to shoot in self defense.
fuck a public service announcment. this was...what the fuck was this? REALLY? a STOP DROP AND ROLL informericial for CARJACKING?!!! This guy was at a restaurant he and his girl, some clowns jumped in his backseat to jack him, the guy pulled his own gun, and shot those basterds in his back seat. That's how you do it daddy. now, a coward like me who doesn't own a gun, uuuurrrrrggh...I'd just give up my fuckin' car...ugh!
The title of this video should have been something like "What to do in the invent of a Carjacking", not "PREVENT Carjacking". Because, In this Video, the car jacking was not Prevented.
Is this made by criminals? PUBLIC SAFETY MESSAGE: If criminals want your car, please give it to them readily. That is all. Carjackers everywhere are thanking police for this one.
Useless video. You might as well tell us cotton is white!

Sher-e-Punjab Bhangra @ Winnipeg Transit Party

Sher-e-Punjab performing at the Winnipeg Transit party held at the Punjab Banquet Hall.

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@navneetsingh28 he did one hell of a good job, i just started my group for bhangra, tell him to hook me up with some good songs like this
what a great performance, one of the best one i have seen, who put the songs togather for you guys?
i love it how those 3 pimps walks in at 3:00 and throws money.. good job guys.. keep it up..
@SinghBling360 thanks man and all i can say is its the guy in the green lol
good job guyz sick bhangra :D
soooooooooo sick

unethical Bored Dallas Police cops harassing me at least I didn't get shot

Bored Dallas Police made up false reason to stop. One idiot said he smelt weed and he was on the other side o the car so I told his stupid ass to search it so can ... //buymagazines.org/de/reviews/2263-tangerine-beach-hotel/

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If you didn't stop at a stop sign, that was all the reason you gave them to fuck with you. If they just randomly hit you with their lights and pull you over then that's different. Shouldn't have even consented to a search either.
I'm 1000 percent sure I did stop. I'm sure the dash video shows that. These people take advantage of the poor and rely on their ignorance not to request things like that. If the dash video shows i didn't then i admit i was wrong.
why did you consent??
I don't have shit to hide these asshole just cant invent reasons to cover up basic profiling based solely on race. That stupid looking motherfucker smiling looking in the trunk is the one who was on the passenger side with the window up and said he smelled weed so I told the dummy to search my car

The Bad Driver's Compilation - May 7 to 21

The examples of bad driving that I saw on Calgary's roads in the second and third week of May. A variety of things here, from some poorly-planned stopping ...

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Pretty boring regular stuff except for the right hook.
+Canadian Rider That's certainly the worst kind of hit. Irrational driver entitlement...
+Inline Downhill Vancouver Yeah, no damage or injury. I was just shaken up a bit as it was a deliberate hit. More on that later though.
+Canadian Rider Yeah, boring driving is good for sure. Nothing all that bad here, except for the one, though. Sorry to hear you got hit. I hope all is good.
+Inline Downhill Vancouver Boring weeks are good weeks, in my books, but I also wanted to showcase ways that people are passively driving poorly. However, I was also hit by a motorist during this period and I am waiting until the police report has been dealt with before I upload that footage. Thanks for watching!

Punjabi songs

Garmany de sikh Stuttgart da Guru gar Sotzaker St 22 From ( goldy nisan sony Mandeep Singh )

Data's Dance Dynamic 2014 (Twerk session.)

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