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Home birth ottawa Videos

What to pack for hospital birth or home birth


With the assistance of a mid-wife, Nancy Salgueiro gave birth to son Oziah at 3:18am this morning at her home in Barrhaven (Ottawa) on Sunday, October 16, ...

The Birth of the Dominator

In late November 1993, starting Buffalo Sabres goaltender Grant Fuhr was sidelined with a significant injury. That same month superstar forward Pat ...

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Not much of hasek but funny seeing moginly with a c on his jersey also think I saw tortella on the sabres bench. Khymlev audette and plante under rated. Thanks for the great high quality footagw
Dom delucia?

Whee on WestJet Orlando to Ottawa going home from Disney

WestJet is the best! Here is the message a WestJet flight attendant sent Tommy after our flight home; Hi Tommy – – I was a flight attendant on your trip from ...

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Wow +lookyus Tommy You looked like you were having So Much Fun Tommy's Definitly "Ready For Take Off " ! Wheee Your awesome Tommy This is Your FB Friend Shawna Fletcher Hi Maryann 
Awesome I'm so happy for you Tommy I'm glad you had a Amazing & Magical time at Walt Disney World and I'm also had glad you all had save flight back home welcome back home
I think I would join in the Whiiieee but on the other hand, its late and people maybe tired [ or even irritated :/ ]
I love your videos, Tommy!! You're so cute!! 
Everyone say WHEEEEEEEEEEE! 

Vlog : Ottawa

Compétition Music Fest Canada, deux notes d'or + certificat d'excellence! Quel beau voyage! :) https://un-electronics.com/de/reviews/806-hotel-villanueva/

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Vraiment nice Ali! :D
merci froufrouuu
t'as le don de prendre le beau des choses
tes beaux cheveux
Great video
+OFFICIALLLCHRIS thanks a lot! :)
*Cool video! I like it*
+Shampoo Wow Thank you thats so sweet! :)

Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa - Coming Home

Camp is right around the corner. It always feels good to come home!

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Discoveries of Austria -- Market action in Gleisdorf

This video clip was taken on July 28, 2007 during my trip to Austria, my home country. First my brother, sister-in-law and I visited the weekly Saturday market in ...

Austria Travel: Walking through the old Arzberg mining town

This video clip was taken on July 28, 2007 during my trip to Austria , my home country. First my brother, sister-in-law and I visited the weekly Saturday market in ...

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Thanks for sharing this video. I know it always feels good to go home to. I got to go home too earlier this year, after 15 years from being away from home. I felt right back at home and did not want to leave. But i had do. I Love the background noises. When i was at home, i could hear the birds singing in the background and i sure missed it. Also hearing the church bell ringing and telling the time. That was another thing i missed. Nochmals, danke schoen das sie ihren video geteilt haben ! ;o)

Austria Travel: A wayside shrine to the Black Plague

This video clip was taken on July 28, 2007 during my trip to Austria, my home country. First my brother, sister-in-law and I visited the weekly Saturday market in ...
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