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Home birth painful Videos

painful birth at home with midwife and girlfriend

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natural childbirth - Painful childbirth at home

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natural childbirth - Painful childbirth at home part2

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Someone help that poor suffering woman I just wanted to be there to help when watching the video to alleviate back pain or hip pain or just encourage

Painful Natural homebirth with My family 2016

painful and difficult birth at home

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Painful Home vaginal Birth

Painful Water Birth (Part 3 of 3)

Beautiful but painful home water birth.

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Hi Birthclip~ I just wanted to say congratulations on following through with your natural birth and also having the guts to post it online even though it doesn't fall into the picture perfect category of what some people imagine birth is. Birth can can be noisy or quiet and mom's can say all sorts of crazy stuff because that is what it sometimes is, crazy. I had a lovely home birth last summer after going through the full round of unnecessary and stressful interventions with my first birth ....
.....which eventually ended in a c-section. It was so hard to deal with and a hard recovery as well. Even though I stayed home to have my 2nd son, it wasn't easy. I used to think when I read birth stories that if the mom hadn't gotten an epidural, it would have been better or if she hadn't been induced etc. but you never know. ...With my home birth I hardly remember my husband being there and I wasn't on any drugs at all! anyway.....sorry all these folks have the nerve to say something ......
@689433 Your comment was removed, but basically you said that you live in Virginia, and as a father you wanted to hold your child as soon as he came out, because he was your first one and you loved him, not because your wife is property, and then called me the "c" word that has 4 letters. My problem with this is that you're blind to the fact that SHE might love that kid, too, and SHE did all of the painful childbirth labor and deserves to hold him first. THAT'S why I called you a misogynist.
Beautiful thank you for sharing. I went from 1cm to crowning in the 20 minutes it took to get to the hosp. in LA morning rush hour. My contractions never came and went they hurt straight thru till he was out. I screamed with each contraction and it felt great. I was able to focus & push after a few seconds of screaming each time. My son came in 12 minutes. My vocalizations embarrassed my friend & I kept saying sorry. We are all different my way worked for ME! Don't judge. What a cute baby
@Asaria85 2) a water birth is usually much more calm than this. Obviously here the mother was panicking a little because no one was helping her to stay focussed and calm. Yes, it hurts, but any childbirthing class will teach you that screaming like that doesn't help because it contracts muscles you need to relax, irregulates your breathing, wastes energy and causes your body to fight what it naturally wants to do. I have no complaints for the poor mama, but her helpers here failed her.
All you ignorant fucks out there need to stop stigmatizing natural home births. How many of you have even have babies? Can you imagine a 9-pound baby squeezing out of your vagina? It probably hurts like hell. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, and everyone tolerates pain differently. Stop being so judgmental, shut the fuck up and let her do her. When I give birth in July, I fucking dare someone to tell me I'm being too loud. I say congrats to this woman on her beautiful baby! :]
I did not post this video of myself. someone took it years ago and posted it without permission. by the time i found out it was much too late and all the rude comments had already done their damage. I felt i had no choice but to defend myself against the ignorant comments in hopes other women would understand I AM NORMAL. I am not ashamed of yelling for 8 minutes. I was in labor for many hours and it was fabulous and peaceful. I think many of the ignorant posts are from trolls anyway.
My midwife actually encouraged me to kind of moan when breathing out through contractions. It gave me something to focus on, and kind of felt like expelling the pain. I sure got loud too. But I think there would be a huge difference between moaning/yelling to screaming. I think that without encouragement and support, it would be easy to scream, become extremely stressed, and lose energy quickly. But I'm all for being loud during childbirth! Bad luck if it scares other women in labor.
Oh my God, that was AWESOME!!! I was laughing and getting all misty at the same time. Every other word is going to have to be bleeped out when you show this to your kids ;) I don't like seeing comments with people judging this woman or any woman giving birth. It's a NATURAL process. Women scream, howl, growl, yell, moan, grunt, or are silent when giving birth. Whatever gets that baby out! My favorite part was when you calmly complained to your hubby "Honey, I want him out now.
@sweetbabynrs Hahaha well I think the one who is being selfish, arrogant and stupid here is YOU hahaha. Yes missy whatever you say is the absolute truth. "please no responses from pro-home birth people, i delete such ignorance before reading" Wow hahah again.. arrogance at its best!!! ignorance?? have you done research missy? do you know what research is by the way??? I doubt so. Please no responses from ignorant stupid ppl like you, I can't deal with ignorants =).
@alexxahex You're totally right! I haven't given birth myself yet, but a lot of my close friends have, and I can already tell that it is the craziest but most beautiful thing a woman could ever do, and I think the people commenting about her needing to "suck it up" should go try it themselves first and see if they can "suck it up" when they're in that situation! I would've probably been screaming even louder than that lady did!! LOL. I say more power to her!
@689433 Because the mother goes through all of the pain, as you just witnessed. There is no way you're not Middle Eastern, meaning you view women as property, or else you couldn't possibly ask that question, especially on this video. I've seen videos where the father is handed the baby first, and it greatly angers me. She carried it around for 9 months and then went through the agony of childbirth, so she at least should hold the baby first, misogynist.
@sweetbabynrs I wanted to do a waterbirth at home with a certified midwife present, but I wasn't able to. Midwifes aren't legally allowed to practice in the state of Kentucky, and no hospitals here have birthing tubs available. I didn't have a high-risk pregnancy and we live 5 minutes from a hospital so it would've been relatively safe.Everything panned our fine though,l I had a perfectly healthy 8lb. 5oz. baby boy after 26 long hours of labor. :D
i had two natural births, one water birth, and i didnt scream like that with eithe of them! the drs should have tried to calm her down and have her breath or hum.... thats what i did, i hummed and it helped alot. she had no direction what so ever, and when she gets stressed the baby does too. i blame the drs for her painful birth. natural birth can be very amazing when a woman over comes the fear of labor and giving birth.
@blackrosepetal54 : I don't think it was her fault she was screaming so much. She was in an unimaginable amount of pain. Which is right where I'll be for the first time, in another 20 weeks or so. I just think that the women "helping" her weren't super helpful with that, though. Seemed a bit chaotic, and she was pretty panicky about things she should've been told (like that the baby would immediately breathe).
@blackrosepetal54 I've had a nine lb baby, and I'm also a nurse. I'm also due to deliver my second child any day. Screaming like that does not help. It actually slows things down because the woman is using her body inefficiently. She is using more muscles, more oxygen, and her focus is skewed. She is not concentrating on what her body needs to do. She is panicking. So all in all....she needed to get a grip.
This is one brave, tough, loving momma. And so what? She was loud during the final minutes of child birth, I worked in a hospital where women receiving pain meds screamed louder and longer and guess what.... that's okay too!!!! All of us got here through one style of birth or another -even you hateful trolls were given birth to though many of you act as if you were hatched from beneath a keyboard.
@folieadeux8381 I did this because more things went wrong for me in the hospitals. the doctors put all of my children in some kind of danger. this was the smoothest labor and birth i had. and i had 4. i was in labor for 12 hours and i only yelled during the aprox. 8 minutes of pushing him out. the rest of the time i was making cookies and walking happily around my house. it was awesome

unknown movie. but this was a very hard birth.

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just a little bit of pushing
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