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Home birth part 3 Videos

Paityn's Full HomeBirth part 3

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Great except for that stupid hatting of the baby and suctioning her mouth :( Midwife is too touchy. Massaging the baby's head, that girl was rough!?? I have never encountered that at a birth. And it hurts when she pulls because she's not supposed to pull! Congrats though B
is it a boy or girl

Home Birth Part 3 - baby is here - 55 minute labor

After only 55 minutes from the first contraction we welcomed our little Alexa.

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55 minutes you are so lucky! Haha congratulations

HadaraYah's Unassisted Home Birth Part 3

All things are possible if you set your mind to it.

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one of the most beautiful things i ever saw todah todah todah Yah is with u.. true raw uncut truth!!!!!!!
@sheasilk Todah! I am thankful to YAH, I tell ya, lol.
Great production Hiz!!! Todah

My Perfect Home Birth Part 3 after birth new

Homebirth philippines melanie in labor part 3

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pregunta una muje soltera en embarazadas pueda hace padre hijo

Homebirth Labor & Delivery Story - PART 3

Part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrGgchE24J0.

Unassisted Natural Home Water Birth Part 3

Unassisted homebirth / waterbirth. Welcome baby boy!

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@rmmartin92405 First hint of contractions started around noon, but active labor didn't start until 6pm. Transition was around 11:00 and he was born within 30 minutes. No tearing! :-)
wow adorable>its so nice to see the give birth home less pain'hope her in philipines like dat..god bless to u and to ur baby so cute:)
@PlayGurlParty That is about the only time I can see defending a c-section. Do alot of home births occur where that is overcomeable?
I think second time I will go unassisted!!!! First time was water birth at home with two midwives!! Your birth was inspiring!!!!!!!!
So beautiful. I'm so jealous. I had to have a c-section because my daughter wouldn't line up. She was totally breech
That is one of the most natural births I've seen. By natural I mean that you did so well and made it look easy.
Amazing I give you so much credit for doing this:) I had three kids and all my pregnancies were complicated
just beautiful! about how long was your labor? any tearing?
Wow!!,You did great. I so wish to do a home birth.
@crabetha im praying hard for an intact perineum!
this is real life sims !
First baby?

Kaien's Homebirth, Part 2

Such a good experience. Baby number 3 (first homebirth) is Kaien, a healthy 8 lb. 9 oz boy.

Returning home WITHOUT my baby - part 3 My still birth story

In part 3, I share some of the emotional turmoil we went through after giving birth to having to leave our baby behind in the hospital.

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I'm so sorry for your loss! I'm sure she was beautiful and now you have a sweet little angel looking down on you! 
Thank you so much Nicoletta! :)
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