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Travelblog: Driving Through the Kettleman Hills Between Beaumont and Moreno Valley, CA

To drive beween Palm Springs and San Diego means driving through the Kettleman Hills, a sudden and significant hill formation. This is on westbound Highway ...

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I just drove through it to Santa Ana from mid-west in the evening about 3 weeks ago. It was one of the most dangerous section of freeway in the US for those travelers who are not familiar with this area and especially after sunset. What make it so dangerous is that people drive very fast and tale-gating. I was going no more than 55 mi/hr in this section.
+hoangky bactien True, it can be very dangerous

Travelblog: The Araby Neighborhood in South Palm Springs, CA

HIghlights include the Pintura development; the Mid-Century-Fabulous park Imperial II condominiums; and the Modernist/Cubist Luminaire development.

Travelblog: Driving Through Oceanside CA On Highway 101, 12.12.10

This past Sunday was warm (83F) and sunny here. I decided it was a great opportunity to capture the experience of a coastal drive through the towns of San ...

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Booo~! You stopped the video too soon! It stopped a couple blocks from where I used to live. :(
BTW, I'm joking. Thanks for posting this. I like seeing my old neighborhood. :)

Family Travel Blog - David's Road Penis- Los Alamos, California

//www.thenomadicfamily.com This is part of the journey we never spoke a lot of, and for no good reason. There are actually twenty really good reasons to ...

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@bakker46 actually, i'll have to ask dave cuz i can't recall (giggle....) i don't remember but i think eventually she turned on for us. notice the rose on the dashboard. it was a romantic gift from cynthia at hollister range (a friend of dave's who met me at the train station for one fantastic afternoon lunch and hike). what an amazing visit it was!
of course, AS SOON AS I TURNED THE CAMERA OFF (and dave said a little prayer, and cursed at it). :-)
beautiful car .. i guess even road penises get performance anxiety
ROFL! totally! even the best of them have issues....
LOL did he ever got it started ...
What a nice car

Travelblog: A Walk Through North Park, San Diego CA

Walking east on Upas Street and North on 30th Streeet.

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now you can buy drugs and watch the st8 people have sex in the street , lots of prolbems there now
Awesome man!! I luv north park

Travelblog: An Evening Drive Through Cathedral City and Palm Springs CA

This is on westbound/northbound Highway 111. Soundtrack: Tracks 1 and 2 from "The Best of Sweet"

Travelblog: The Smoke Tree Commons Shopping Center in Palm Springs CA

This center recently opened and had been a shopping godsend for those of us who live in central and southern Palm Springs.
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