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Iceland travel blog 2013 Videos

Iceland July 2013

Inspired by Iceland Video

The volcano has been turned off - visit Iceland.

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that is the island
+brandon crowe no its Iceland
"My heart is beating like a jungle drum" - says a country that doesn't have trees :D
This... is something else... 0_0 I now must go to Iceland!
Mine too. and it reflects the locals perfectly.  You'll love it mate!!
+shambooly That is probably my favourite review for a place ever. Definitely going.
+Matt Murley Go....The Icelandic people are amazing.  Yes they are quirky but in a good way and they are so friendly.  I went once and was hooked, I now go back there twice a year.
Does anybody can tell me the name of the song&
+Пьяный Носорог Productions Emiliana Torrini: Jungle drum :)
2 weeks and am going, cant wait! :) greets ftom hungary
+rrrrobi I´m planning to go there in 4 weeks.... :) also can´t wait. greeting from Slovakia /,,/
Does the government give a specific daily amount of drugs for habitant?
No, I think everyone just regulates themselves.
Hallo people Iceland,I like you vikings very much, but I must say you are biggest arse holes too, because you were won by England's sodomites without a war even without a little fight, your forefathers are very sad and angry in Walhalla, what a disappointment!
+Renwoodpeaches lmfao he's racist, simply!
+ponkpunk what the fuck is he on about?
Why blame us we are litterally 300.000 cmon even if everyone in iceland whould have been there, there wasn't gonna be much diffrance anyways.

Let's take a bus, Icelandic.

Taking a bus might be the most popular way of travelling within Reykjavík. Here are some handy sentences that may help you on your way. :) More info in the ...

Rejkjavik Iceland 2013 - 71

Here is some video of our trip to Iceland last summer. Follow us! TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kristyglass INSTAGRAM: //www.instagram.com/kristyglasss ...

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Another country to add to my bucket list! Enjoyed your video. :)
If I had to do it again, I would stay in a different hotel each night or every other day and go around the WHOLE perimeter of the island.
Very nice video! We are going around Iceland in 18 days! Can't wait!
have a GREAT TIME!
Yarn-bomb in Iceland? Sweet. The girls have grown so much since then.
So, how do I send you something?
No. I guess I don't see why I need one...
That's awesome, Kristy. I was curious if you had a P.O. Box?
YES! And they did it the NIGHT I WAS THERE! I could not believe I wasn't part of it!!! We left a GIANT yarnbomb piece in the city though...
I loved watching this, i'm from Iceland and really enjoyed seeing you guys at some of my favorite places :)
+GLASS POSSEwhy is it crossed out? What did I do?
We had such a great time. My favorite thing was people mistakened us for Icelandic--I liked that, but then I had to ask them to speak English. Also, there was so much asparagus soup---can you explain that? And we saw a lot of green houses--??
Iceland seems to be a very beautiful place. Just a few questions... Is that field with a lot of "piles of rocks" a sanctuary or something like that? Why did you choose to visit Iceland? Was it because of Jason's marathon? I think it's a little odd to have summer vacation in a cold place, since you already live in a city where it gets cold often. And why was Jason running a marathon, is there some special meaning behind it? Thanks for another great vlog! Can't wait to see the next Posse Adventures... xD
+GLASS POSSE WoW! Very interesting... now everything makes sense again... hahahaThanks for taking some time to answer me!Have a nice holiday! I'll be here, waiting for the next #glammer  vlog... <3
Is that field with a lot of "piles of rocks" a sanctuary or something like that?I think those are called CAIRNS, and I don't know why people did that!Why did you choose to visit Iceland?I wanted to go for my 10th anniversary but I was too ill to do an over seas trip so we waited until our 15th---just always interested in going. Was it because of Jason's marathon?Finding a marathon near our anniversary is how I convinced Jason we should go!I think it's a little odd to have summer vacation in a cold place, since you already live in a city where it gets cold often.It wasn't SUPPOSED to be cold so that was a bummer, but also a nice break from summer heat.And why was Jason running a marathon, is there some special meaning behind it?  He likes to run marathons and whenever I want to go somewhere I try to reel him in with a marathon, also he has a goal to run one in every state....we have done about 8 so far---LONG WAY TO GO.
My mom is big into crocheting and is a midwife (over 1,000 babies delivered). Two things you talk about alot and have respect for. I'm going to tell her about your vlog. She'd love it!
our first son took 38 hours of labor.  it sucked..with all the doctors rotating and what not.  overall we did not have a great experience.  our 2nd child was much faster.  we were so put off by the first experience that we waited 3-4 hours before going into the hospital.  that was a mistake.  we almost stopped on the road, and we made it just in time.  our daughter was born within 10 minutes of walking in that door...we never even made it to the mother's ward.  they had to bring all the stuff to us.  my wife had no epidural or any pain meds.  and she said it was so much smoother than the first time.  so we honestly dont know if it was the meds or just b/c it was the 2nd child... either way midwifes at homes are a very good option assuming you are close to a hospital just in case issues arise. 
So true I've seen alot of her birth videos and it really is insane that another living being comes from the mother like that. Nothing but respect there. Wow being an actress/singer/mother/runner/youtuber/wife and now you want to be a doula too, what are you superwoman or something?! :) J/k seeing the effort you put into all those things I think you would be an awesome doula!! Take care!
indeed! I have a secret fantasy of being a midwife. I recently had several friends tell me that we would love to have me in the room as their doula, so maybe one day I could be that! ; )  Women are amazing, they can do anything.  You saw how Jennika was in a ton of pain even with an epidural---so my point of view is it's going to be painful either way, why interfere?  I <3 midwives!!!! (and crocheting)--not at the same time!

A Tour of Iceland's Golden Circle

Join Marti from the travel blog "Down the Wrabbit Hole - The Travel Bucket List" for an adventure in central Iceland, exploring the famed Golden Circle!

Hello, Iceland

Iceland is trendy these days. My staff has been nagging me to incorporate it into our program with a guidebook and tours. One of our top researchers and guides, ...

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I am mexican from mexico city and i was thinking about living in iceland my entire life , why, because the place is so calm and beautiful, and i love icelandic as us the mexican community love you too, iceland, so see ya soon, my beautiful and gorgeous iceland.
@RickSteves can you please post longer videos!!! I have to watch 2 minute add to watch a 1:22 second video. Still worth it but longer will be worth more. So please! :)
Great narration on this one, made me chuckle when Rick said, 'We found Porpoises aaand Puffins!' Hopefully more videos of Reykjavik will be coming out soon =)
i was stationed there in the 80,s i was different ill never forget that place the women where fine though but they didnt like military people
You don't sound too enthused about Iceland, but let me assure you it is a magical place worth doing an entire show on.
Ill bet the Vikings stopped there to help relieve the boat lag. :) I hope we get a PBS episode from Iceland one day.
We had to take an Odysseys tour of Iceland because you don't go there Rick! Nice tour though and beautiful island.
Yay! I've been wondering when you'd visit that marvellous country! I need to visit as well.
Hi there! May I know what kind of camera you used for this? Thanks!
Funny, departed at 9:30, and arrive at 9:30, pricelles!!!
three month light three month dark. wild. expensive.
Good Job RickSteves. I love Iceland. -Aloha
Who is your companion Steve ? 0:58 Is she?

Seabourn passengers meet Vikings in Iceland

"At the port of Reykjavik, Iceland, a special venue outside of town welcomed guests into a re-creation of a Norse settlement in the early days of the colonization ...

Swimming in Iceland's Seljavellir Valley

Join Marti from "Down the Wrabbit Hole - The Travel Bucket List Blog" as she and her husband stumble upon a beautiful hot spring in the middle of Iceland's ...

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Boy you can sure tell when I don't use the "HD" function for saving the video! It uploads faster but is way fuzzier and worse quality!
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