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Thingvellir National Park Iceland Toilets 200ISK

Our visit to the Thingvellir National Park Toilets! Iceland, part of the Golden Circle Route 200 ISK per person per entry. 200ISK is about USD1.65. Cruise blog: ...

Akureyri, Iceland, Sailing In, part 3

8am, 4th June, 2014 Cruise blog: //guitar123foodandtravel.blogspot.sg/p/adventure-of-seas-iceland-norway-cruise.html.

Sailing into Akureyri - Part 2, Iceland 00051

Sailing in, continued. Weather has cleared up a bit. Cruise blog: //guitar123foodandtravel.blogspot.sg/p/adventure-of-seas-iceland-norway-cruise.html.

Akureyri, Iceland - Northern Most Botanical Gardens in the World! (trivia)

A very small botanical gardens. We drove here, but you can walk from the ship. Reputably the northern most botanical gardens in the world. Cruise blog: ...

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I visited the gardens one evening around 11:30 PM in August 1980 as I could not sleep with the sun still shining on my tent.

Akureyri - Sailing in through the Icelandic Fjord

Onboard the Royal Caribbean, Adventure of the Seas Cruise ship. Sailing in to the port of Akureyri, in Northern Iceland. The day before, the ship was in Rekjavik.
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