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Ifugao travel blog Videos

The Rice Terraces, Banaue ➳ Cat'elle: My Wanderlust Diary

Hey adventurers! ♡ I hope this video implores you to meet the Ifugao Rice Terraces for yourselves! It really is one of the most beautiful sights and I'm so lucky to ...

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I love it! really nice :)
+Phines Wateryoudoin If you liked this video of Banaue, Batad will blow your socks off! You can check out my vlogs of Batad if you wanna :)
hope u can visit my country Russia one day
+Kryst Tollins Yes I'd definitely love to!! :D
Greetings from Mexico, I liked your channel !
My hometown is located next to Banaue. Thanks for vising our province! It's really great to see people sharing great videos of their visit in our province. Gotta share this one on fb! ^_^
+Joel Nalula Your province is so beautiful! I really enjoyed my time there! :)
Such a beautiful place, thank you for sharing! Hopefully one day I'll get to experience it too!
It really is a bucket list worthy destination! Thank you for watching

HIGH - MT. AMUYAO /Mountain Province and Ifugao, Philippines

FEB/20 - 22/2015 MT. AMUYAO - Traverse Mountain Province and Ifugao Entry point: Sitio Macalana, Barlig, Mt. Province Exit point: Batad Junction, Mayoyao, ...

Ifugao Midland Coffee

It's a privilege for us to help such a talented and creative friend for her school project. Though it was a bit of a rush, we are happy of the output. Written and ...

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Wow!!! I would love to try that!!!! 

Climb, Hike and Sway - Banaue Rice Terraces

Compilation of purely handheld and defocused shots (lol), inspired by devinsupertramp (don't forget to check his channel), promoting the Eighth Wonder of the ...

Travel to Batad, Philippines and its Rice Terraces

View in full screen! Batad is famous for their amazing rice terraces, which have been in existence for thousands of years. It was a rough 2 hour hike there and ...

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@antoniospades No I didn't have a guide through this, but it wasn't a very difficult trail...just hot and long!
wow! that's adventurious! chanced upon your blog, and like the way you live your life!
you mentioned you travelled alone, did you travel with a guide through batad/banue?
Beautiful... and your grandma's chicken recipe looks great!
Gorgeously filmed and thank you for sharing :)
Thanks for sharing your video. Very nice.
nice video.the place where i belong.
Beautiful video, thank you!

Adventure of Two Batad Rice Terrace Philippines

We travel around the world together making videos, telling our stories and showing pictures of the cultures and places we explore. View our trip "Adventure of ...

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Love the ending....

FREE Rice Terraces Tour

FREE Rice Terraces Tour // Episode 39 Today we got a free tour of the Batad Rices Terraces in the Philippines! Thanks Jord - Travel has changed my life and I ...

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I stumbled on these videos on the Philippines and enjoyed watching them. I am a Filipino American. Unlike some Filipino Americans who were posting their Philippine vacations and acted like jerks, cocky and self centered (I almost gagged) you were straightforward and had a respectful demeanor while videotaping his Philippine vacation. I will put Oslob, Banaue and Puerto Princesa in my bucket list if I will have the chance to sneak back to the Philippines. When I was a student then I did not have the money to visit these places. Thank you Jordan Simons for your videos. I had a virtual vacation of places in the Philippines I am looking forward to visit.
Watching your vlog, i notice that you like kids! I'm quite surprised to see that filipino kids nowadays aren't as shy as i was before. Hahaha
I wanna join your journey hahaha i guess it's going to be cool and funny and so much enjoyment traveling any part of the Philippines
This is very helpful to give an idea what to expect ! Keep posting your super helpful video !
bet you slept good that night, lol...looks like a beautiful place with awesome people!
Should take your Go-Pro out for the wide angle video like on the Rice Terraces.
can't wait to go home and explore my country. just subbed anyway :)
Omg watching you walk SO much feels like Ive lost a pound or two
i wanna see more of linda the flight attendant lol
That tricycle with wifi is so cool!!! Hahahahaha!
Brilliant ! Thanks for the Journey !
funforlouis? HHAHAHA i'm a fan now.
i am enjoying your vlog :)

"Tribes and rice terraces of the Cordillera" Fredtrip's photos around Banaue, Philippines

Preview of Fredtrip's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: //www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/fredtrip/1/1273066477/tpod.html This blog preview ...
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