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Honda cbr600f mcn Videos

MCN's guide to getting your knee down

Get some essential tips from our MCN expert on how to master the skill of getting your knee down.

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I've managed to touch down both sides but I can consistently do my right hand side but I've only managed to touch down once on my left side, this is on a windy road not round about as I don't have anything that big and quiet near me, anyone else able to get one side down easy but can't do other side?
+buz3017 everyone has that... even goalkeepers struggle with jumping in one side to save a goal, every single rider out there has his "better" side. I can lean into the left angle with no hassle, but when it comes to right corners... oh dear... it feels unnatural and just odd. What helped me was to relax a bit, don't stress too much over it, don't think about your better or your worse side, just go with the flow and the other side will get scrapped as well... with time.
6:55 chops the throttle sends him straight up.. did the tire slide?
I think he just scared himself
Did they record this on a toaster...
nope...a watermelon
I dont know about you but I dont remember tv being this low resolution before 1080p... and 1080p tv's came out in 2005 sooo.... you know :D
And I'm sure you had a 1080p camera in 2007. 
RIP left ear
god i thought it was only mine and i was cussing out my headphones because i thought it was broke

MCN Advice: How to shave three seconds off your lap time

MCN senior road tester Michael Neeves travelled to Outlon Park to meet California Superbike School Director Andy Ibbott in an attempt to get him running higher ...

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Mat Mladin said the complete opposite. He said corner speed and getting the the bike upright faster is overrated. If you are better on the brakes and block pass, corner speed is worthless. Also, all the time in a good lap is made on the front tire not the rear. 99% all brakes, front feel and deep braking. Almost nothing on the straights because even bikes with 20hp more difference have trouble passing. I guess the 2007 gp with Stoner was the exception because that bike flew past Rossi on the straights. Everyone has their own opinion.
let me start by saying that im not an expert rider or anything, but when i ride i try to give the bike less inputs, fast and accurate ones is what i try to do so to not confuse the bike OR myself. and as for using toes to change directions, try it instead of using the bottom of your feet, your able to put more weight on your legs and feet therefore your putting more weight on the pegs to help you steer, i could sit on my bike and just use the pegs to steer without using the bars
Like Sir Jackie Stewart said on Top Gear. Don't go for full power until you know you don't have to back off of it, smooth inputs bring up confidence and makes the bike easier to ride. Smooth on the throttle smooth on the braking allows the suspension time to work and settle before it's time to roll in the corners. When you get it right it feels like your just slinging the bike out of the corner, not man handling it and fighting the whole way. Can't wait to get a track day in!
@shauncarlpope33 Once you have your body positioing set up properly, the next bottleneck is generally how quickly you can get the bike to drop over. The faster you drop the bike, the quicker it turns, the quicker you can get it back upright and accelerating hard. You go deep into the corner as you can, and then turn hard, get the bike up and accerleate hard. Rather go in slower to turn quicker.
@shauncarlpope33 You make better lap times by accelerating hard before the straight (and maintaining a faster speed the length of the straight ) than by going into corners harder and braking hard, and not being able to smoothly and quickly lean the bike over hard. You maintain a faster speed for only a second or two by braking late instead of smoothly.
Im not an expert rider either but a veteran of many trackdays, weight on the pegs will not steer the bike, its your body weight that is shifting, always remember that smooth is fast. Fast aggressive inputs will upset the bike and you wont be relaxed on the bike either which will filter down through you into the bike, smooth actions are the key
there are afew videos for cornering - but teh best one was not a MCN one. Just do a search for cornering on a motorbike There is one by an american guy surrounded by lots of guys, explaining how you open your hips and shoulders to the corner- its great and makes you feel a lot more conmfortable in corners.
@Badassbok Cheers for the comment. I've ridden Oulton Park six times since I made this comment so have managed to shave quite a bit off my lap time. Have also done a training school (not the California one). My comment was more reffering to how misleading the title of the clip was.
I don't know who this "grump" is, but I've been to the school three times, and each time, I learned more about riding than I thought was possible in one day. Combine that with the reasonable fees (including for rental bikes), and what's not to like?
Andy Ibbott is the man and change. I have both editions of his motogp technique book, brilliant writing and explanation. They are expensive, but if riding is your thing, you owe it to yourself. And get yourself a Tissot watch, too
dont know what it is but i tried a few years ago while riding a straight line to move the bike left or right with my feet and it didnt turn even a little, its all bars and body weight something ibbit teaches you at the school.
That's the first time I've seen Andy Ibbot near a bike and not fall off and break his collar bone. Fast Bikes..............when Andy started racing, muhahahaha. God bless 'idiot', still got that mahoosive hooter!!
Each to there own mate, I swear by these guys done all levels and will keep going back. What levels did you do ? Anyway these guys teach at the GP level, if them guys still can learn stuff how come you cant ?
Around 5:30 I heard a clutch rattling and thought: There is a Ducati somewhere =P And yep, about 20 meters in the back there's a Ducati 999-749 =D I got to get myself a trackday or two and apply these tips ^^
this is an infomercial for the race school, they teach you nothing here, you must pay the money to attend the school before they teach anything, wasted my time, AND they curse God. utterly useless for me!
correction: its all bars. do d google search for "motorbikes keith code no BS machine". Keith code is the founder of the CSS. If you dont use countersteering, you dont have steering - simple as that.
Nice advert, oh I mean I learnt so much watching this. Next time on brand new gixxer going thru outlon on that specfic corner, il look for that marshal box. brilliant, this will helps thousands ...
why doesnt using your toes to change direction (as well as counter steering obviously!) make you faster, because surely the more imput you put in the faster the bike changes direciton?
I feel like I've just watched a 9 minute advert for the Superbike School. I didn't get any pearls of wisdom that I was looking forward to to help me on my track day at Oulton.
Nah mate he is the MCN main tester- he tests bikes on track for a living. He basically lives on track. And he was thinking he was going as fast as he could. Its impressive.
HAHAHA. For the same reason why coaches coach, and players play. Same reason why Tiger Wood's coach can't beat Tiger on the course.
@Zeebo1uk If you do a search for "ty howard pbody position" (video by jcrissey) you will fnd it. It wont accept my link
I can steer the bike by weighting the pegs. It doesn't work very well at higher speeds but it does make a difference

MCN Sport: Haslam confident in level of new Stiggy Honda team

With just seven days until WSB testing kicks off in Portugal and six weeks before the opening round of the championship in Australia, Leon Haslam is busy ...

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wsb should be good this year despite loosing troy.,
woot first view and comment :P :P
he blinks alot..
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