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Gun Makers' Christmas Miracle: Guns Top American Christmas Lists

Americans predictably buy many of the same things as Christmas presents: socks, sweaters, alcohol. But guns are now the gift to get to this holiday season.

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Take that liberal Motherfuckers. Gun powder flows through the blood of this Country and you will never disarm us.

DISInfowars = Religious WAR Propaganda & More

//zeeklytv.com/user/MattyD%204Truth pressresetearth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrlHTN7Kt1s freeradiorevolution ...

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Why is everyone missing the point on that mock BBC video, exposing the French "shooting" hoax. Surely the message is more important than the delivery? I chose to cover the gaff in a satirical way in my most recent video. I'm hoping someone with a big following will come out with a authoritative analysis soon. As it certainingly won't be coming from the gate keepers who are all in a panic plugging the dam.
There is so much bull shit going on its hard to keep up. millsmost channel uploaded the fake BBC vid and left it up about 24 hours, it founf millsmost works with xray ultra...what a mess. see jeff C's vid on it. The shills are using counter psyops on the truth movement. Crazy out here! Intel/Counter Intel psyops going on.

boxing day sale 2015 bullring 6am

When you its boxing day funny birmingham sale bullring crazy people 2015.

University of Birmingham Harlem Shake

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