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Nogales mexico travel warnings Videos

Driving into Mexico (with 5 Kids) Part 2 - October 2011

CLICK 'SHOW MORE'⇊ ⇊ ツ //www.discovershareinspire.com Reality - a view into our life as we cross the Mexico/Arizona border, along our road trip from ...

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you guys ate awesome!! god bless ya on your jorney.
+JORAL RIVER Thanks! We actually took a detour... to Europe and currently (Nov 2015) in Africa!
I entered Mexico two months ago. There was no inspection of any kind on the Mexican side. Why did you have a problem?
+3506Dodge We had driven through Mexico in 2007. We'd put the vehicle permit in my husbands name, but neglected to cancel it when we left Mexico and crossed into Guatemala (and then all the way to Costa Rica, where we shipped the vehicle back in 2008). Fast forward to 2011 and we try to cross into Mexico again, but they still have a vehicle permit in their computer in my husband's name from the first time. So the 'problem' we had was to to try and get it into my name, even though I didn't have a driver's license and the title was not in my name. We did get it figured out though, and continued on our merry way :)
I knew it! The black girl is adopted.
+RK NINE look at the big brains on brad

Our Trip to Mexico December 2014

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