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Uhrzeit nogales mexico Videos

la punta mexico surfing

flypantree la punta mexico surf.

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This day looks super fun. You wouldn't believe how good it actually gets. On a good day it barrels from way out past where those guys are sitting,all the way past that inside rock and stays open and round,it gets so perfect that the sandbar bends backwards and even though you're going left..you'll end up as if you were going right.It's so perfect it's hard to stay in position. It holds a huge swell and pipes for so long you gotta walk back out around the rocks.
check google maps bro, mexico is complete. huatulco is further south to the border, salina cruz is closer, puerto escondido is further north. puerto escondido can drown you in summer and may easily, in fact all the mexican pacific in summer is huge.
if thats not luciferian i will eat my hat your the presidents hat some homeless guys hat!abunch of hats? com on its so beautiful? but worthless sorry and iam a SURFER! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS ME PEACE TO YOU HOPE NO NERVES WERE STRUCK!
While I agree with you 100%, I know many surfers who have tried to live abroad in places like Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, Bali and Hawaii...every single one of them come back because they need....MONEY!
@AlexParker1981 oaxaca? Also this is a shot in the dark, but I'm headed to Huatulco for the first time, SUPER PUMPED. Any advice, where to stay? how far la jolla is from town etc.? you'd be my hero
surfed here in 1978 as an eighteen year old hitch-hiking through Mexico. Great waves. Nearly died at the beach break of course - only had a 6'5". Nostalgia - it ain't what it used to be.
Nice! I love Puerto ... I hope to make it down there again, maybe this fall. La Punta is a great wave, especially since Zicatela is too much for me. Too bad La Punta can get so crowded ...
I need to quit my job... and move to a place like this and work for just enough money to feed myself... and surf every day until the day i die. The american "dream" is a fucking joke.
Go to 2:12 if you want to skip the New Age(ism) mumbo-jumbo and just watch the surfing, good stuff. And good music.
1979 Brian rapp 19 and derek cabellero surf tve point with sharks canyonlocalfilmscom vi moon rules state beach 
true, what you choose to believe is your choice, unfortunatly,your choice will be for forever? ETERNITY.
i leave in la punta en puerto and zicatel too is a best place for surfing the left waves in may life
@creativegreenapple this break is main land mexico la punta !! near puerto escondido thanx for coment
@creativegreenapple jah oaxaca puerto escondido, the corner of the bay hence the word punta
Wow look a lot like home (PuertoRico) nice vid!! Thanks oh and the music...great :)
@raynstudio thanx for comment my friend playing that song. they from miyazaki japan
that video was awesome i have nerver surfed in the tropics but that looks fun
I love my fucking country!! Such great video from u guys! Great place btw
@alanmatrix thanx for comment I saw your video too . those are cool too !!
Gorgeous music. Makes me think of tropical surf.
Only the Ocean Pacific is good for surfing
wanna go surfing there waaaa in africa
Well done video! great music too!
Nice video! Who's playing that song?
Where in mexico is this place?
Poor Donkey. Carry your own shit.
Mala vibra no vengas
Born to be wild. 
Cool. Beat it kook.
You are a good guy.
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