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The bahamas culture Videos

Hard Core Reggae Culture Mix Ottua The Bahamas

Hard Core Culture Reggae Mix Richie Spice, Jah Cure, Sizzla, & Other.

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Sick mix!!! I feel like i'm back home riding in my whip through the pines... Big up everytime
Pliz list your songs man ? What is the name of the song of the first beat? Dont be stingy
that's a sizzla song solid as a rock
4:20 song? please whats name?
KA BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very good selection :P

Movie ‪‎#diDocumentaries‬ Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Culture vs Commerce

In may of 2015 the Bahamas introduced Carnival to its list of attractions. However, the introduction did not come about without i's fair share of critique from the ...

#diDocumentaries: Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival (Shack Talk) Culture vs Commerce EP3

Shack talk takes a behind the scenes look at the Bahamian culture of Junkanoo. During the fall of 2014 DIRadioCast New Media Network GM, had a chance to ...

Linda Moxey Brown, Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture, The Bahamas, speaks to IFACCA

One in a series of interviews conducted with CEOs of national arts funding agencies: Arts Leaders Speak to IFACCA.

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Great Interview, Thanks for all the support to Bahama Sites & sounds from you and your Ministry. Bahama Sites & Sounds Nassau Bahamas P.O. box Sb 51325 1 (242) 382 3467 1(242 ) 466-4338

The Bahamas National Youth Choir

The Bahamas Permanent Mission to the United States Ambassador Elliston Rahming and the Bahamian American Cultural Society, Inc. President and ...

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This was truly amazing. So proud to be a Bahamian!

Bahamas International Cultural Festival - Part 1

Learning languages and culture at the Bahamas International Cultural Festival 2010!

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Junkanoo Old School 1994 Culture of The Bahamas, Valley Boys Bay St a3

Junkanoo Festival and the likes Culture of The Bahamas. Bay st.

Bahamas International Cultural Festival - Part 2

Learning languages at the Bahamas International Cultural Festival 2010! The first lady I interview is Dr. Gao Hui. She is a professor from the Nanjing University ...

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@loki2504 I'm sure you understood her a lot better than I did. There is only a few Chinese people in my town and they work at the only Chinese restaurant here. They speak only a little mandarin, they are Cantonese speakers. I usually have some trouble understanding their different pronunciations. One thing I need to work on is listening to different accents within Chinese.
@Codylangaugesblog according to me. her accents is quit good (perfect). and the way she speaks is the normally and majority of good accent in mandarin. yeah due to there are more than 100+ of local Chinese accents, Therefore many still have their own accents when they speak normal mandarin(and some are horrible). good luck !
@Codylangaugesblog I'm not used to hear beijingnese accent... I like shanghai and southern accent but it's just because I was speding some great time in Tw !
@laoshu505000 Yeah, she is the professor at our University from China. She wanted me to join the class but I never went hehe.
@Codylangaugesblog Yeah, I noticed that too. I even think her dialect is different but I haven't studied much chinese.
@5Language Well you can maybe watch chinese,hongkong and taiwanese tv on internet maybe you'll get it fast !
Her particular accent throws me off, it is hard to understand. I am used to hearing the Beijingese accent.
That was interesting man. Are you planning to attend her classes?
She's used to be my teacher! a very great teacher!
@laoshu505000 Not really. Could you understand her?
@5Language Yep, I understood everything she said.

Jarrett Wallace at the Da Dinggy in South Andros Bahamas Turquoise Morning Pops Of Culture

Magnetic Media is a three time Telly Award winning media Production Company which was established in 2008, now with offices in Providenciales, Turks and ...
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