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The bahamas country Videos

Dj Khaled Celebrates Hold You Down #1 Urban Record In The Country HD

Dj Khaled celebrates in the Bahamas for his new single Hold You Down going number one on the charts.

User Comments

did he mention he has the #1 record in the country?
+Carlton Banks he aint lying
1:27 Woaah! I thought porn isn't allowed on youtube.
It is exactly no
You're literally the worlds biggest narcissist.
+The Galilean Satellites  he's just trying to "cerebrate"
Who is he celebrating with? Just seems like he took someone to film him swim around by himself and pay for people to congratulate/get suffocated by his extreme body mass.
Hahahahahahahhahahahahahhah get suffocated by his extreme body massXD
I know! What a great guy! I'm proud to be the same species as him
"Get Healthy", implying he is as he likely ways 400 pounds lmfao
+A kid in Africa weighs much less than DJ Khaled.
+Oliver Oliver *weighs. And he's at least 300+.

Andros Island, Bahamas, Out of Country

//www.propertypanorama.com/instaview-tour/mfr/O5422058 is the place to go if you are seeking homes near Staniard Creek, Andros Island, Bahamas, Out ...

Happy 40th independence Bahamas - I vow to thee my country

User Comments

even the dog didn't like it hahaha.. but i guess its a nice try :D from England

MARCH ON BAHAMALAND! Bahamas National Anthem

Just wishing my Country a happy and prosperous 36th year with this slide I created. The Vocals were also done by me. Hope you enjoy!

User Comments

I love the vocals, excellent rendition of the Anthem, and I am sure with music it would have been even ten (10) times better. However, whenever I hear my Country’s National Anthem played or sang I get goose pumps. I am a true Bahamian, with the colours: Gold, Aqua Marine and Black running through my veins. I am proud to be born on the land of the 242. GRAT JOB!
Happy Independence to one of the last TRUE free countries and true capitalist nations. This flag stands for true freedom. Since 1973 this Nation of Islands has prospered and taken care of her citizens without taxing them at all. She makes sure her citizens have a job before foreigners do. And I am from the US. I would be proud to be a Bahamian citizen.
This made me cry, and think that we should show prid in our nation because we live in the best country in the world. I am proud to say I'm a Bahamian.
i was born in the BAHAMAS, raised in the US, and currently living in the UK. You made me proud to be of Bahamian extraction. well done!
Beautiful voice, but you were all over the scale. Perhaps you should try again, but with music to help stay on key. Great pictures.
"tho the weather HIDE the wide and treacherous shoal" there is no "s", either there or "the road you trod lead unto your God"
I do apologize Simon for the terrible thing that I've done. I was unaware that I was trying out for Bahamian Idol.
Lovely rendition. Maybe you can record it with music? But its really nice tho i'm feeling really proud right now
but whos dat guy at 1:11? its a damn shame im bahamian and i don't kno who he is. lol.
Born in the U.s But Im beaming with Bahamian Pride! Bahamas the home I never known
hahaha, my music teacher wrote this, he is famous over in the bahamas!
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