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Perry oklahoma earthquake Videos

The 122nd Annual Cherokee Strip Parade

Join hosts Phil Salvati and Danny Shade as they broadcast the 122nd Annual Cherokee Strip Parade live from Perry, OK.

Storm in Perry, OK 8/8/11

OETA story on the 100th anniversary of the Perry Oklahoma


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Expansions News - Happy Mother's Day!

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I had a dream a couple of years ago where I was in a room with a reptilian female. It was a very intimate setting and she was telling me that only males feed on human energy. She said some other things to me that I cannot recall. When she left the room she told me that she had "another" for me. She returned with a blonde human woman and I woke up! It wasn't long afterwards that I had a dream about being in some globalist/illuminati "retreat" or resort or something. All of the main figures in American politics were there. I really do not want to talk about what happened in that dream in a public forum but it was quite obscene by human standards to say the LEAST. Anyhow I just wanted to share some of my experiences here so that others know that they are not alone in having them. Weird things have happened, are happening, and are yet to happen.
I recently learned that new pacemakers can be programmed over the phone. The implantee holds the receiver up to the device under his skin, and the implanters can check on his system and tweek and reprogram through the phone. This tells me, they can do what ever they want to to people, implants to the brain is for sure, no doubt, also happening. Everything is coming into being. If we can think it, it already has been done.
Also, when I have Youtube saftey mode switched to on, this channel can not be seen. I find that very strange. And this changed 3 days ago.
Wonderful hair!

Update Washington D.C. Earthquake Prophecy Fulfilled.wmv

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The Lords army. Thanks for that George you have a good heart the best part. Bless you and Betty, Someone coined a phrase, Drill Sarge. Your going to get more hits then most of us.
May God bless the Pinckneyville Prophet! Best wishes to you, George, keep on proclaiming the good news!
Thank you, brother. Peace be upon you, and Betty. Psalm 121:7-8
I REALLY do hope this is satire...
the crazy... is strong in this one

El Salvador had a 7.4 magnatude earthquake 8/26/12

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no aftershocks after this big quake. this seems to be a precursor. also just look on how many quakes are happening now in CALIFORNIA: WORLD-EARTHQUAKES . COM I'm wondering about a megaquake in this zone (central america - cocos plate, or CALIFORNIA). anything can happen :S

VIDA - Earthquake!!! Happy new year!

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love u vida
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