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Oklahoma earthquake pta Videos

4.8 earthquake shakes Oklahoma

4.8 earthquake shakes Oklahoma.

South African Earthquake

This is one of many reasons why South African women are great. Feel free to drool.

Rare! Troubling EARTHQUAKES strike Southern AFRICA after Powerful 6.1 July 8, 2013

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Ur welcome. :) Made me think of 1 of your prophecies, a Tsunami like flood... Here is part of the article on NDTV: More than 4,500 are still reported to be missing in the disaster described as the 'Himalayan tsunami' due to sheer scale of devastation. Rain and floods destroyed the land route to the holy Kedarnath valley... God Bless.
Did you see this yet? A Tsunami like flood has hit India's holy land, 4,500 people are reported missing. NDTV: Uttarakhand: All stranded officials at Kedarnath evacuated. Also see the youtube titled: Toll in Uttarakhand floods reaches 26 - Tv9
PS you can find it at NDTV dot com
did not yet. thank you

BREAKING: Deadly 6.5-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes China; At Least 150 Killed

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits South Africa

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits South Africa Earthquake research body the EMS-C says the quake hit about 20 km outside Orkney in the North West. Geologist ...

Baby survives earthquake in South Africa

OETA Story on Healthy School aired on 09/29/09

Magnitude 5.5 Quake, SOUTH AFRICA

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