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Portland fit Videos

Portland Fit Club - Pushup Challenge

//jeffwaldfitness.com/portland-fit-club Pushup Challenge at Portland Fit Club! We don't mess around at Portland Fit Club. :) After a hard Insanity workout, ...

Portland Fit Orientation, Part 1

Denis Calabrese kicks off the 10th Anniversary Portland Fit marathon training program on March 31st, 2007.

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You know...I was PLANNING on winning the Portland Marathon---but then Denis told me I wasn't go to win, so I got really discouraged.

P90X3 Review - CVX at Portland Fit Club

www.portlandfitclub.com Portland Fit Club is a free community workout that we started in 2010 that has grown into a large group of folks meeting 2x per week at ...

Portland Fit Injury Prevention & Treatment, Part 3

Injury and Prevention Treatment seminar, April 28, 2007. By Dr. Bryan Baisinger, Clearwater Chiropractic & Massage.

Portland Fit Body Bootcamp

Video interview for Administrative Assistant position at Portland Fit Body Bootcamp.

This Saturday In Portland: Fit Finlay & Dr. Kliever vs. Ugly As Sin!

It's Fit Finlay's debut in DOA Pro Wrestling, and it's this Saturday night in Portland at the Kliever Armory! Fit Finlay teams with "The World's Sexiest Doctor" Dr.

Krav Maga Portland Fitness Kickboxing

Our Fitness Kickboxing classes at Krav Maga Self Defense & Fitness are very complementary to the self defense training our students receive in our Krav Maga ...

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Have you punched one of these bags as hard as you can for 40 minutes straight? 2-3 times per week? Hand protection is essential for smart training. Ask any professional fighter. Of course you don't wear gloves in a street fight. The fact that we wear gloves in a bag workout for fitness doesn't mean we can't punch an assailant effectively without them.
What's with the gloves? I have never been in a fight where i used gloves.

Fit-InMotion Training PDX | Personal Trainer | Portland OR

Another day at the gym. Kettlebell front squat/ hip abductor band side shuffles. www.fit-inmotiontrainingpdx.com.
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