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Guilford college bryan speaker series Videos

Bill Bryson reads: Lake Ahquabi

Bill Bryson reads a story from "The Life And Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid" at an Iowa State University lecture. My favorite story from that book. Apologies for the ...

Quality Time With Bill Bryson

Music ... "Gypsy Trails" by Ross LaVel.

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Thank you for uploading! I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing.
my pleasure dear
Many thanks for using my "Gypsy Trails" again Laurence... truly appreciated!!! :)
Ein schönes Video , da kommen Erinnerungen hoch, Ich bin ein Fan von Australien-leiderdurfte nicht in Australien einwandern. Ich lebte 6 Wochen in Brisbane, danach18 Monte in ganz Australien, und in Tasmanien. Ich habe alle Bücher von Bill Bryson gelesen.
no worries mate always a pleasure
Never underestimate the Roma People :D
'Great work' Boys ! ***** Hugs Marilyn
We thank you dear Marilynhugs from us both
Great video and music from Ross ♫ Hugs..Annie.. 
Thank you Annie from us both
Excellent! Thank you for sharing , wish to you a happy week
thank you very much
♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ Prachtige muziek en Clip... Ik wens je een heel gezellig Maandag. Lieve groetjes van Elske ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬
thank you Elske

Democracy in America Opening Remarks: Robert Reich

Baffin Island Books With Malcolm Gladwell, Eric Schlosser, Marisha Pessl, Bill Bryson

We asked authors Malcolm Gladwell, Eric Schlosser, Marisha Pessl and Bill Bryson what book they'd bring with them if they were stranded on Baffin Island.

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Great choice Mr. Gladwell! Fantastic book.

Robert Reich: "Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few"

The way we take back our economy and democracy is through a movement that unites most of the bottom 99 percent to (1) resurrect Glass-Steagall and bust up ...

User Comments

All you did for the first minute was describe capitalism, so why would we (the viewer) want to save it? The solutions you propose, bringing a democratic principle to the economic process and such, (which I entirely agree with) pretty much just describes socialism. I think you're more attached to the WORD capitalism than the actual economic system. It would be like saying, " Hey, I love monarchy, (to which capitalism is essentially the same thing in the economic spectrum) if it weren't for the immense, absolute power that the king holds over the common people. We need to have a monarchy run by and for the peasants!" Sure, constitutional monarchy was a step forward, but you're still leaving an easy foot in the door for any former absolute monarch to take back what you already rebelled against. It happened to England multiple times throughout history. We don't need to save capitalism. No, we just need to not obsess over letters and words and realize that real change will only happen when we abandon the notion that capitalism is an everlasting system that is the end-all be-all of human economic evolutionary progress. It doesn't matter if you agree with my solution for capitalism or not, it simply matters that you acknowledge that SOMETHING else will eventually come along and replace it. If you can do that, then you're on your way to being a part of the future, and not a roadblock protecting the past or present.
I agree with you and would add we can not save what we never had. We need to stop believing the lies we have been told by the media and government, and start to learn the truth about America.

Television scientist Brian Cox gives a personal interview to the University of Huddersfield

Upon receiving an honorary award from the University of Huddersfield, Scientist and television presenter Professor Brian Cox gives a personal interview about ...

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I was lucky enough to be present at this interview (behind the camera) and I just want to say: what a lovely guy Brian Cox is...there are no airs or graces about him, he's a really down-to-earth family guy who just happens to be an extremely clever bloke (with a successful pop career!) Can't wait for his new TV series to be screened, when Brian's presenting, I seem to learn so much more! He should run for Prime Minister - the world would be such a better place!
So, I understood that film WONDER OF LIFE is ready yeat... I so wated to ask some questions related to scenario... DEAR PROF BRIAN COX, please, always annonce the next plans! WE LOVE U!
Oh gosh he looks lovely in that suit. Anyway! He seems to be such a lovely and intelligent person, I'd love to meet him!
Thank you for sharing this with us. Great stuff.!! Love Brian. Hope he gets a Knighthood one day.
I swear professour cox looks more and more youthful as time goes on....
"Space Lab come on Enki (Brian Cox) come on lets experiment!
Brian Cox ft. Take That It would be wonderful

Travel Book Review: Made in America by Bill Bryson

//www.TravelBookMix.com This is the summary of Made in America by Bill Bryson.

Bill Bryson, author of At Home

From the author of that classic of modern science writing, A Short History of Nearly Everything, comes At Home, a work of what you might call domestic science: ...
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