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Driving 280 k l m n o p Timelapse 2

Kid Warrior Paris - A Generation's Call to Action

Change is coming. We are rising with the oceans. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is not your average teenager. As Youth Director of the nonprofit Earth Guardians, ...

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We are praying for you!Hos can we zpread the word ?Bumpdr ztj mers Billboards,How about specking to other youths incbool media form. I'm 58 and wouldn't have Ny jdea how hkrrjble cracking is if I hadn't zeen. documentary about it's effects.The farmer's were havi g to truck in water forivestock and personal use. Their tap water would catch fire at the faucet. Phanell mAke a video for ever school and send it out to all the MIDDLE S school's and High school's
+Carrie Hendrickson That would be amazing! have you been on our website www.Earthguardians.org you might find some ideas to get engaged or help youth get involved
I like it! How can I get involved? 
+Kevin Lopez check out our website www.EarthGuardians.org you can engage with us there.... Thanks!

Driving 280a

From : Rue Marguerite Long, PARIS XVIIe (75) To : Boulevard Périphérique, PARIS XVIIe (75) Distance : 1.8 km Average Speed : 35.2 km/h Time : ~ 10h40 ...

Driving 280q

From : Place de la Concorde, PARIS VIIIe (75) To : Avenue de la Grande Armée, PARIS XVIe (75) Distance : 2.9 km Average Speed : 34.1 km/h Time : ~ 13h50 ...

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Roundabout like that in Germany would have 10 traffic-lights. But Paris has nearly more German than French cars
That's what I'm looking for :-D Very strange rules on this roundabout. I was always thinking it's much bigger.
@1993474 Fela Manoz & Obutie-Man "The Persuaders"
Elle est trop bien la musique !!!!
la musique est introuvable
Good video...
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