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Ram 1500 fuel economy Videos

Ram 1500 Rebel Update and Current MPG

Just a quick update on the Rebel and my next (small) mod. https://un-electronics.com/de/reviews/806-hotel-villanueva/

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Rob.. it was nice having dinner with you. Haha I'm curious though.. why didn't you go with the Ecodiesel model for better MPG's? I was checking out some videos on it last night. It gets real world MPG of about 22-32. The only reason I would go with the rebel is the looks.. I think it looks the best of all RAM models. It's just the gas I'm worried about. I was looking at Tacoma's as well but I think the MPG is just about the same as this half ton.. which is crazy.
+Anthony Lopez I don't mind the questions!! I've asked plenty myself. One of my favorite cars was a Mazda 3 hatch back-great little car to tool around in. More Rebel videos to come!! It's the weekend so I'll be in her a bit more!!
+Vlogging Adventures with - Ya, that's what I thought about the Tacoma MPG. But I wasn't as comfortable in that truck like I am in the rebel. I have a civic as well and I might get another car that's good on gas (thinking of Mazda) just so I don't have to use the rebel so often. We'll see what happens. I'll let you know. Sorry, for all the questions but your input helps me out, so thanks. Keep making the rebel videos!
+Anthony Lopez Anthony - I've had a couple of Tacomas and they averaged around 17-18 MPG city and highway. Honestly, I' m not a diesel fan. The Rebel is by far my favorite truck for looks!! However, the mileage is terrible-I get around 16MPG. It's not really an issue though because I have the Civic and Porsche as daily drivers for better mileage. All said, I wouldn't trade the Rebel for ant other truck!!!
I assume with a folding cover the vehicle’s fuel economy would improve
There's always been a lot of differing opinions about that. I had a tonneau cover on my F150 (after not having one) and there was no improvement in gas mileage. I think that's a myth.
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