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China currency the economist Videos

Money talks: If Bill Ackman were a stock

This week our correspondents discuss JP Morgan's hiring practices in China, India's sliding currency and the state of the hedge-fund industry. For more video ...

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Didn't think india was gona do anything Particularly interesting At this point So its not a shock Where They stand at this time
as a percentage of a portfolio, and access to high quality data.
he thought it was a compelling turnaround story
what did Ackman ever see in JC Penny?

Bob Chapman on the Sovereign Economist 15 Dec 2010

//bobchapman.blogspot.com for details Bob Chapman Jim Rogers Peter schiff swine flu asia china commodities Schiff Glenn beck Gerald Celente Marc ...

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@atzaru in an economic collapse commodity prices usually go thru the floor. but they are going to print alot of money. You might see 10 dollar oil at some point but they will print so much money deflation won't last long. The best place to be is precious metals because during deflation people panic and buy precious metals because of the fear of government trade.
@rowsofvoices9 I agree Russia will take western Europe, China will take most of south east asia, if not by force they will just give these countries an ultimatum. Russia, China and India will be the next super power so any of these countries who side with USA will be cut out.
Bob Chapman exposing the Banksters again!
lol. funny pic.

Economist "Currency auctions is a smuggling operation"

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