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Greenville nc footlocker Videos

Footlocker trip also downtown Charlotte

Downtown Greenville Aerial Footage 4k

Shot with a DJI Phantom 4 in downtown greenville, sc near the peace center and falls park.

Hyatt Place Charlotte Downtown in Charlotte NC

Prices: //www.booking.com/hotel/us/hyatt-place-charlotte-downtown.html?aid=866990 . . .. .. ... . . . . . . . . . Hyatt Place Charlotte Downtown 222 South ...

Transparent Talk: Why I Moved to N.C. (Cleaning a Toxic Situation)

There's a reason to why I made the move to Durham, North Carolina...I want to share this with you guys! Hope you understand where I'm coming from and ... https://un-electronics.com/de/reviews/806-hotel-villanueva/

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Hey LG. I dont know if you remember me (Lisa) and the church I went to called The Place International Church, but I left them too because they were taking advantage of me and my husband and they were very disrespectful to us and drained us for everything they could. the pastor supposedly is the spiritual father of that church's pastor where you were attending so its not surprising of what you and your family went through and the fact that they are prosperity preachers that can't pay their bills. It is basically spiritual abusive and an abusive church. We left there in 2013 and moved to Houston and never looked back. I commend you for speaking out against the wrong that they were doing because some people do not have the courage. We were shunned and basically everyone from the church turned on us. We went to eat once after visiting that church you attended with our pastor and your pastor and we felt so uncomfortable it was crazy, we left early and went to our hotel.
+Lawrence Gilmer yes actually the pastor of that church has had 3 different church's (which all failed) and now is working on starting a whole different one, which is a big red flag. one time your pastor came and did like a two night thing and our pastor was SUPER late the first night and I was walking around like a chicken with my head cut off because I didn't have any clue on what to do because him and yalls pastor organized the meeting and in my eyes, our church looked like idiots because we didn;t have anything planned and the pastor and his wife arrived super late and they didn't even apologize. I had to set everything up that night by myself because usually me and my husband do it, but he had to work. I was so mad! that was the night I should have left. But yeah Pastor Doc is very narcissistic and sociopathic and i just couldn't take the spiritual abuse any more. And me and my husband used to actually think that your pastor was a good dude to his congregation because yall showed more unity than we did. 
+NuCreechure yea I do remember you! But wow...really??? I didn't think that would happen there!I don't have a problem with prosperity preachers, as long as the preachers aren't the ONLY ones's prospering!
Good video! We support you Lawrence :D 
I can understand where you come from with this. I don't understand how people /or Pastor gonna teach on something, and not Abide by it, or even council the actions of people who are in the wrong, but instead wanna be holding on to the past. The past is the past, move on to future, if all is forgiven, why continue to use the past a crutch to make people feel bad. I also applaud the fact you continued to stay faithful regardless of all the BS you went through in that church man. New venue, same road, new goals. Good video, and good life learn lesson to be teach for people who are in the same situation that you've been into.
No prob man. See I'm all for Christianty and what not. It's the people within the religion that makes others be clump with the bad ones. Just keep on with the grind man look forward to more of your vids man!
I don't understand either man...and honestly, it makes it bad for Pastors/Churches that are doing their best to do the right thing! Thanks bro I greatly appreciate you! Now I feel able to continue with what Im doing! :)
Way to grow, bro :)
Thank you +Genie Bee! :DHad to be done!
Now that you have gotten that mess off your back and off your chest. You need to forgive them, pray for your enemies, move on and let God handle the rest. As long as you give them the power they will always control you, ya know I know but I can tell you is that Theres nothing like being free. Don'
The funny thing is they've BEEN forgiven, its just I felt this had to be said...not just for my release, but for someone else to get a message to get out their own toxic situation! I hadn't thought it would be on me this heavy until the last few weeks! 
This is the same reason why I do not attend church anymore. I do not have to go to church to believe in God nor do I have to attend church services to get to heaven. 
+Lawrence Gilmer The church I was attending made me feel very unwelcome and I didn't like the way they treated people and that was one of the reasons I have not been back. 
I don't mind attending church...my only thing is when people use their position to tear people apart instead of building up like their supposed to! 

HipHopcrisy Teens halftime Q. Coples bball game

HipHopcrisy Teens performing halftime at the City Rivalry championship game between Kinston and Greenville. Hosted by Quinton Coples of the NY Jets.

Tom and Sadie with Guest Taylor Griffin 3-20-14

Uptown Charlotte! DRONE EDITION!

Music by Braden Deal: https://soundcloud.com/braden-deal.

Jet Blue jet dunk daytona

This video is about Jet Blue jet dunk daytona.
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