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Greenville nc food lion Videos

Work and Travel 2013 Food Lion Corolla,North Carolina&NewYork&Japan


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hello. please tell me, how was your experience at food lion corolla? how many hour per week did u work?is it easy to find a second job there? im asking this because i might go there this summer for work and travel. I will apreciate any other info . thank you
น่ารักอะแป้งงงง คิดถึงมากเลยอยากไปเที่ยวด้วยกันอีกกก
น่าสนุกจัง หน้าเจ้าของวีดีโอมีความสุขจังเลย
น่าสนุกมากๆเลยค่ะ หวังว่าจะมีโอกาสไปบ้าง ^^
facebook: Satima tongkoonwong ^________^

Free Groceries From Food Lion with coupons!

Check my video out to see how you can get free groceries from Food Lion. They have a coupon machine that gives out great coupons....even coupons for free ...

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Oh no! No coupon machine....that's not good. Thank you for watching my video and following me. I will be doing more Food Lion videos.
Yippee, someone who does Foodlion. We don't have a coupon machine but I will be following you now. Thanks.
Me too! Food Lion is one of my least favorite grocery stores but I will go for free groceries!
Love FREE groceries!
Free is good....

Food Lion helping 200 Greenville families put food on the table

Food Lion helping 200 Greenville families put food on the table.

Shopping Spree at Food lion, Madison, NC Part 2

Customer has 90 seconds to load up as many free groceries as they can!

Me at food lion

via YouTube Capture.

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That's why if I punched you you would start bleeding out KFC grease and cool-aid
You forgot I have that YouTube account I'm deleting all of your videos

GoPro HD Hero 2 Russian Studians in America FOOD LION Work and travel

Work and travel in Food Lion.

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А где это? Что за город?
Kill Devil Hils

A New Food Lion with Kristen Daukas

Food Lion Coupon Haul

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Thank you! I went back and got more veggies and onion rings on Sat :)
Oops the veggies were on sale for .69 a can not 1.69!
great haul wish i had a foodlion in ohio

94.9 Star Country Food Lion Shopping Spree - February 12, 2011

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