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New car effect Videos

15 Second Effect - New Car Smell

Watch me check out my new car's "special" features in this "15 Second Effects" video! Featuring: David Estes Malcolm character courtesy of AnimSchool.com.

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Ha. Wife invents button to kick hubby out and gives her the car for the day. Nice one ;)
+Cutie Pie That feature should come standard in the new models!

Shooting The Front of a Brand New Car Effect

I aim at the front of a car and shoot the windshield twice, (GReat effect!) NOT REAL.

New Car VFC smash effect

Car Smash VFX effect! Don't forget to subscribe, like, and comment on our videos. Follow us on Instagram, and Google Plus on @princehaziproductions Visit: ...

///Slide Effect/// New Car. First Test.

Driftcrop Driver Training Hampton Skid Pad. Saturday 27 August 2011.

NEW CAR! | Mass Effect 2 | Part 80 | Blind

And once again I turn out to be an excellent driver. See you next time, ladies and gents!

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Although ME2's bigger focus on missions over free-roam exploration is probably a good thing, that feeling of grandiose adventure you had while dropping on an unexplored planet in your trusty Mako was sorely missed. But at least we got something reminiscent.
Yeah the galaxy felt *much* bigger in ME1, but it's more focused this way. The Hammerhead is more fun to drive and doesn't control like ass, but I do miss the Mako. She was awesome.
For me bad driving in video games is a lifestyle! I'm certainly looking forward to Arrival, especially since this one was so dramatic. ME3 is on the horizon, so exciting! :3
Archer: Watch out for the Vi's turrets, the're-"WHEEEEEEEE!" :D
Yeah, the Firewalker DLC explains how you get this ride.
Ah, I see. It sort of came out of nowhere here.

New Effect) Jump in The Sun Productions/ Big Ticket Television/ Paramount Pictures In The New Car

Credit To Tigermario2002.

Doppler Effect On New Jersey Transit Cab Car Through Denville (Denville, NJ.)

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That's the Denville Station up by me in north Jersey.
what station is in the backround?
@njtjp5107 Thats what I meant
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