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I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Epic Car Ride Inspired By HIMYM

DISCLAIMER** I do not own any rights to the music used in this video My roommate and I are huge fans of How I Met Your Mother and have always wanted to do ...

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you guys are great, everytime I go with my best friend a long stretch drive, let's look at your viedeo and are well on it directly. Eventually we will send you a response Viedeo makes;) so on. Sorry for bad english, I only have a translator ...
You guys are awesome. When my best friend comes home from college, we will make a video response to this not in an attempt to outdo you, but in an attempt the celebrate the awesomeness that is this video.
@thebravehylian none of what was done in this was planned, including where we do the "1000" hand signals at the same time was just a coincidence
this was super cute and funny not to mention a fun tribute to the show-have to say glad I wasn't on the road near you that day
this is awesome!!!! but the whole time i was just watching to see if you were going to crash into something :P
chris, you are not allowed to drive anyone in your car anymore. Love, Joe's Mom
Very cool video ! :) If i could i would like it 500 times or 1000 more :D
@giffunej obviously it's because we're sexy and we know it ;)
the one on the left is kinda cute... ! great video by the way
I honestly can't believe you guys did this, its so great!!!!!
you are so insane guys:D:D no, just kidding, it's awesome!
You guys are awesome! Where exactly were you guys at?
@thebravehylian haha thank you, can't wait to see it
this is legend .... WAIT FOR IT .... DARY !
Ah, this a great video. You guys are good
because your friend here put it on fb XD
AGAIN AGAIN and AGAIN :D I love it!
hey thanks! your kinda cute too
Legen.....dary :) Love it!
LEGENDARY! Great job!
best song ever
Loooove it xD
Kevin Love ? :D
I love the Hat

How to avoid boring road trips: I´m gonna be (500 miles)

A perfect example to avoid boring car rides: sing and have fun!! In the style of Ted and Marshall from How I met your Mother Thanks to all my friends who had ... //

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So ähnlich sieht es bei mir im Auto auch aus bei diesem Lied :) Daumen hoch!
It would've been much more boring in 800 miles
This video must go viral.
This is just awesome.
this made my day

"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Super Bowl Version - Sleeping At Last

As heard in Budweiser's Super Bowl XLIX Commercial, "Lost Dog"! Download this NEW Super Bowl Version exclusively on iTunes: ...

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500 times better then the original version.. so fuckup
Nah the original is best but this is good this just doesn't has the touch that the original one has
you should play it at 1.25x
+?LiquidPirateCat i want to download it at 1.25 speed
+LiquidPirateCat GENIUS
what is genre name song like this
+Farrel Swift if you like this style of music I have a bunch of playlists with this style of music they're all the ones named "calm" and I think one is called mood
+Farrel Swift you're welcome
+Stephaine thanks
+Farrel Swift Indie
where's the dada da daaaa
+Mason Miller oh ok
+GentsAndGames we'll if you wanna make a song emotional, then remove the fun, upbeat tones, and replace them with slower, more musical notes. I like this song, and the original by the Proclaimers.
They took it out to make the song seem more, romantic...
I am crying. Am I the only one who is crying though?
+BormanCameron home pad likely, yes

The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) HQ (How i met your Mother) (Ich mag das Lied x3.)

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how i met your mother anyone?
¿Es neta, retrasado?
Lily's gonna be so pissed. If she's pissed she's pissed. Have some fun How am I supposed to have fun I just abandoned my wife?! (4 minutes later) AND I WOULD WALK 500 HUNDRED MILES AND I WOULD WALK 500 MORE
the best part
This does not sound like the proclaimers but damn it I like it! Can someone please tell me who sings this track?
The Proclaimers with a high pitched voice.
This is legendary.. wait for it.. DARY
+Celeste Lopez Glad I did ;)
+Dani G Lol u made my day :P
wow you fucked it up.. GG
Why no one in the comments section can spell it right? It´s Legend... wait for it, LEGENDARY!
+Joakoo Vids the fuck are you saying? I get it and correct you.
+Laimean You didn´t get it was a joke, right?
+Joakoo Vids Right way to say it - "It´s Legend... wait for it, DARY! LEGENDARY!" so you failed
+Vegan Gains Mother How did i fail?
+Joakoo Vids yes really
+Vegan Gains Mother Not actually
+Joakoo Vids basicly he says  its gonna be legen o wait  dary yes  thats right Legendary :P
+Joakoo Vids you failed xD
I know i was just kidding but k
In German say Barney its Legen... wait for it DARY!!! 
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