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Why Buy a Used Car Over New?

Louie Herron and Chip Lyness are live on DOCk 103.9 discussing 10 Steps to Buying a Used Car. For more car buying tips visit: // LIKE ...

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Wow this is interesting.

Buy New or Used Cars plus Service at Hall Automotive! Operating for over 40 years!

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Why did I buy a "used" Triumph Tiger Sport over brand new?

A mini vlog discussing why, when given the option of buying a new Triumph Tiger Sport I bought a (nearly new) used one instead. Camera: Drift HD Ghost, Drift ...

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only think to consider is the date the bike plated, difference on resale between 2012 and a 2013 model.
+Richard Locke it was a '13 plate, but now got a custom one one it :p
Nice bike dude! I'm sure you've noticed that the quality is a little better than your Versys was as well :P
+philjonesuk Well I'm pretty shocked by that! Hopefully that's a one off for you. Still liking the bike though? Triples are hard to get bored of in my opinion.
Erm. British quality? Local mechanics had a bolt in the most godawful place explode/snap when they tried to fit my scottoiler (on the swingarm, underneath, near the rear mudguard). Booked it back in so they can spend lots of time drilling said bolt out :(
You say the new one was up for £10,800 but npbody pays list price. You probably could have got the new one for around £10k. But still...its 1200 nicker saved. I would have bought new just because in my flawed logic id think just a grand more and I could had bought a brand spanker. There is something nice about buying new...choosing the colour..the spec and getting handed the keys with zero miles on the clock is satisfying. Your logic makes more sense though. I just let my heart rule my head.
Those prices were post negiotiations. I literally had the two on bits of paper and had to decide. I'd say, it was like brand new. I couldn't see anything wrong with it (I now notice a few tiny rust patches on mirrors, wtf triumph but it's fine, I'll touch them up). Heart won out secretly in having spare cash for a 2nd bike once I clear some more junk out of the garage :p
Phil, good choice getting a slightly used one. As BeardedBiker484 said, I also didn't quite get the idea of the Tiger Sport 1050; but having ridden it for a while I definitely like it (a do anything bike). I can see me keeping it for some time. What are the other extras you've added on the Tiger Sport? I see the vario screen. Is it better than the stock one? jazchief
Hey jazchief, Yup. It's the higher MRA x-creen high screen. A few people have asked me about it so I might do a vlog on it now, I thought it'd be a little dull to talk about screens :) It does help, still not perfect but I'm liking having clean airflow over head bouncing airflow with the stock (I think it's higher, not sure) triumph screen.
Any saved money is good, plus no running in and a few accessories as well, Smart move, nice bike. RSM8
I'm looking forward to the walk around. RSM8
Cheers Kev. Very pleased with the deal I got. A few is an understatement haha! Gotta do a walk around, it's got pretty much all the functionality accessories bolted to it :)
i have never had a brand new bike, my honda - from a salvage yard... my street triple R and my current daytona both from the same dealer, both very good price and very low millage... my only question is why did you get a tiger (sport) 1050?... it may sound daft but i dont understand the idea of that bike, cos the tiger was always an offroad adventure bike...
+SpottyCat666 i will confess... therehas been many a time i have wanted an ice-cream... but had it denied to me by a assault of high curbs, pot holes and grass... ice-cream vans pick really odd places to park... but i do agree... i see something like a small bumb in the road, and the handles bars already have me bent over to receive
It's a little bit more than a sport-tourer-road-only bike. It can go places that sports bikes cant. Like off high curbs without smashing your fairing (i've done this!) And eating up potholes without breaking your wrists, (my transalp is brilliant at this) and being able to ride across grass without foot stabilisers (you need to be able to do this to get an icecream where i live) to name but a few.Ride safe, nice bike  :)))))
+philjonesukYou're right it is odd. I'm still getting used to why I bought mine. Other than liking the look and the fact it's a Triumph (2nd one now) I've had sports bikes all my life yet this just seemed to click now, esp. the riding position. Every time I go out on it and hack round the twisties or just pootle round town it has real world usable handling and an awesome engine! :)Also, we were out on my Blackbird today down in the New Forest, and every other bike was an adventure bike (road and off-road). They're damn popular at the moment!Nice explanation and vid by the way. Lovely day by the looks of it too. Enjoy.
+BeardedBker484Sat on the Tiger 800 and honestly, the looks killed it for me. I did consider an explorer 1200 but again, same butt ugly beak nosey thing. Boner killer. Plus they are super big bikes, I kinda wanted something smaller, sporty but also comfortable. II did consider a Multistrada but "dat triple" ;-)
aha i like the idea of sport-tourer-road-only-adventure bike... though i think thats a bit long for the insurance details... but why didnt you go for a tiger 1200?
Tis a weird bike, I call it a sport-tourer-road-only-adventure bike, kinda like the Sprint but upright seating or the Speed on stilts + fairings. A weird, lovable hybrid. People think it's an older person's bike but really, it has a fun side but lets you have fun in comfort :)
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