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Ferrari testarossa cold start Videos

Ferrari Testarossa Cold Start: X-OST exhaust

Just got a new X-OST exhaust on my dads Testarossa replacing the Borla setup we had before. One throttle blip near the end of the video. Cellphone quality so ...

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@martino009 sure but had just been started 5 seconds before the video starts
out run video game's car, i love it, thanks for the video
nice car, dude! Love the Testarossa, with it's flat-12 !
Sounds like a 50's muscle car :)
the car is already running
@SuperInline6 Thanks!

Ferrari Testarossa Cold Start Up

Ferrari Testarossa Start Up.

1987 Ferrari Testarossa Cold Startup

1987 Ferrari Testarossa Cold Startup.

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the testarossa wasnt the best looking car but was a passion to drive
wats the alarm when you turn the key my dads dosent do that

Ferrari 512 Testarossa startup and Exhaust Sound | HD

Very cool Ferrari Testarossa cold start and driving around with really great exhaust sound!

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@LG4761 Thanks for the info. Will update the it in the video info.
It's the F512M, the last version of Testarossa

Testarossa Cold Start (taken 3/22/13.)

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very nice is dat a gunmetal cuz im lookin too buy mine in silver

Ferrari 348 Spyder Walk Around & Cold Start

1994 , 347 Ferrari Spyder Convertible .Cold Start & Walk Around. StrtRodder100Tv.

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Sweet really enjoy looking at these cars I will never have chance of owning lol well maybe the kitted up mini lmao but seriously liking the vids man!
Smooth as glass brother, Nice vid Great to chat yesterday, hope you found a slot at the beach parking lane :) Talk again soon Kenny !
thanks brotha that means alot, an i know about never get one of these but we can dream cant we lol
Late gittin here but here we is Bro !!! Yer puttin up good stuff Sir !!!
Cool ferrari and a nice guy who started it for you, nice one Kenny.
the gentlemam was verynice in Sharing his ride with us
Cool car, my personal favorite has always been the 308
Beautiful car, and Man what a detail job!
better late then never they say Right lol
i agree, but hard on the Camera lol colour for a Ferrari
for a 1994 it was very nice
yeah he was nice guy
Red is the on ly way
Beautiful car.
thanks Terry

Ferrari Enzo Cold Start

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