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Fleet Management Software Video Tutorial: Live Engine Status - GoFleet

2014 Honda CR-V U5038

Brigden 2014 Demolition Derby | Trucks

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i agree to muddy to get any good hits in trucks also any more derbys after this one for the year
also to muddy in all heats

'82 Grand Prix Walkaround and BURNOUT!

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a lot of the gp came factory with a chevy engine. my 83 came stock with a chevy 305 and a crap ass 250c tranny. swapped it out for 350 backed by a TH350 with a stage II shift kit. and stayed chevy cause it was cheaper and dropped right back in place of the 305.
This one came with a 350 diesel from the factory. Very glad it was swapped to a 350 Chevy by the time I got my hands on it.

Forest Fair 2011 Demolition Derby Heat 8 (Consolation #2)

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double teaming is crap they do that in a deby down here and you are warned do it again and your DQed
Why does everyone got there front bumpers sitting so low?
@DemolitionMissions lol I know you love your lincolns
Yea! A 70s lincoln finally gets a chance to fight.
best top 10 fight to the finish i have seen!!
very nice show

Toro Powerclear 418zr

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@joeraptor1 yes, it depends if you gonna use it commercially or just for your own driveway, for a personal driveway i'd get the 418, cus when it can't handle it the 826 would take over, but the 621 is a do it all, kinda snowblower, that can handle the 12 inch plus stuff, and handle the 1 inch stuff. I fit both a 418 and a 621 under my stairs in the garage. remember that driveway in the video is a big driveway,plus the sidewalk around the whole place. if i had to have only 1, it would be the 621
Great video. I was the fellow that asked you on the last video if the 418 would compliment my 826 toro. Thanks for letting me see what this machine can do. It's a pretty good little machine but it seems to take a while to complete a job. I live in the Toronto, Ontario area. The 418 costs $399 for non-electric start and $499 electric start. The entry level toro 621r model costs $559. Seems like the 621 might be a better choice but it's so big and I'm not sure if I could fit it in my garage.
@poisedonis Thanks for the advice. Do you think the 621 can handle the stuff the plow leaves at the end of the driveway? I could look at getting the 621 and selling the 826 but that would be hard to do as I love the machine. You got your units at Home Depot. Do they still have that policy of beating the lowest price by 10%. They want $439 for the 418 but the local dealers sell it for $399. If I could get 10% off of that, I'd be able to pick up the 418 for $360.
@poisedonis I do my driveway plus my two neighbours while they spend the winter in Florida. My driveway and walkway is about 2500 sq feet. The other two driveways and walks are about 1200 sq. feet each. I saw a neat little single stage Craftsman at Sears today. Electric start, joystick control of the chute, 205 cc Briggs...$549 on sale. Definitely not the quality of toro but about $250 cheaper while on sale. Does the chute on that 621 come down like on the 418?
@joeraptor1 the 621 can handle the end driveway stufff, but still the 826 would do it better, but i purposely do the end driveway stuff just to see how well it does. im not sure about home depots latest prices, but you can always try to get them to match, ,. do u have a big driveway?
@joeraptor1 yes sears and canadian tire have some nice single stagers, the 621 chutes can go up and down with the blue handle,, but the chute itself needs to be unscrewed if u want to load it into the car, while the 418 chute can be removed easier with a screw knob.
u can get this type between 425 to 499,, but canadian tire has some models a bit cheaper, but the 418 is easier to fit into the car, tell your wife u need it as a christmas present.
@poisedonis Not really, only $5500 used. Put 3k miles on it so far. I still have the CBR250R as well. Gas mileage is night and day between the two.
@poisedonis Not too sure about the quality of the sears and canadian tire blowers though. You might save some money now but pay for it later on.
@awksedgreep I know u were talking about getting the vfr, but did u really get it,,,, and did u win the lottery?
Too funny, love the crop circles. :) Just to make you feel bad I rode my VFR to work yesterday and today.
@BattlestarPacifica home depot has a few good deals, ask for a discount, i did, saved 50 dollars
@joeraptor1 i know sears use to have good warranties, but not sure nowadays
I've gotta get me a snow blower! Is this one expensive?
.. wat ;o

Alvinston Fair 2012 Demolition Derby - Heat 3 (Straight Stock)

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ya one of the motor mounts broke. but was still running like a champ. 99x in the truck heat is my buddy. i was running an sbc in that car. the week before i ran the original 307 in forest but had problems with it so pulled the motor
That was you? I was rooting for you, hence why I filmed you the most. You made a lot of noise. Now that's good driving! sucks how you went out though, I was wondering why it ended like that.
was a great heat i was in the 69 r car and they called me for hitting a drivers door when i backed up into a non moving car but the car ran awsome
Makes 111 2 for 2 this year? He won petrolia straight stock too
Ha the motor mounts completely broke free in that olds
What kind of car was that? was that an oldsmobile?
they could have kept going!
Pedal 2 the metal, yeah!
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