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2014 Retro Entertainment A Case : Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise

Nice little casting for the Star Trek fans!

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Why don't they make a Mr Bean Mini Cooper?
+HotwheelsCollector81 Not sure...
LOL! The mainlines came with the stands
I wouldn't pay $5.00 for this thing knowing it had plastic thrusters. If I did it would only be 1 for the collection. They raised the price $4 just for a couple extra dabs of
lol.. Well it does come with a stand though, I found it on the floor. Did the mainline one? That's gotta be worth 4 bucks. :)
WheelsNThangs, double check the packaging man! It has a dark grey/black stand in the package. When I went to buy the Fast and Furious one, I saw the Star Trek one and it has a stand.
I found it. Apparently it fell on the floor!
That is so weak, it's the exact same ship as the one that came in the main lines. Only you'll spend 4 dollars more for this one.
Yea.. I am not a fan of star trek, but If I find them I will buy them just to trade for some nicer rides that I could never find. Thanks for sharing!
I hear ya
Awesome Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Congrats.

Armed Forces Corp. (Full HD) gameplay

The game is simlar to Swat. You and 2 other mercenaries try to get back intel that was stolen. It is pretty hard to play in the beginning, before you get used to the ...

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Hate it when someone calls themselves a "game master", it just makes the word/title lose it's value, just not as much as the word "pro".
+Game Masterz! Nope, no points for you on that one. Don't know if you knew that  you made yourself look desperate but you did. :3
+Game Masterz!And that's still not the worst sarcasm I seen this week. >.>
+HyperRaiden73 Great! send me your mail and phone number. When I ditch this channel and create a new one, I'll be sure to contact you, since you have such great marketing advises.

Case Study: EMC - Best practice in creating a luxury product experience for enterprise customers. (B2B.)

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HONDA XR250 無限スペシャル XR250 Motard

去年動画を撮りましたが、 レベルアップで撮りました、 良いですね 無限SPは、 日本初のダチョウ料理専門店、 ライダーズカフェMACHⅢ...

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@Miltonn1227 tal cual! encima viste lo que es esa cabra! esos materiales no son chacotera!
PSP was a nice touch ;)

2014 Retro Entertainment A Case Has Arrived : Let's Open up the Box!

Sweet cars from Flintstones, Fast & Furious, Star Wars, Herbie and Simon & Simon!

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man, always thought you were cool on everything....until now when you said you don't really care for the Enterprise (never really watched it). Well, you like Herbie at least. A little funny that Herbie was before your time..and New Star Trek movies are pretty good even to non-trekkies I belive, and old trek movies, are during your time.
lol.. I have just never been into it. Not sure why because it is very popular. Guess I'm just weird!
Cool how much did this cost
I think I paid $59 for the case.
Nothing in that case other than the truck looks good
I live Herbie also.
That Power Wagon is SWEET!! CrackerJaxx70 is sending me one of those and the Herbie car for my Christmas Great looking cars man!
Nice! CrackerJaxx is one nice fella! I can't wait for the B case now. LOL
The cars are awesome..I like every car in the case...and that knife is a beauty.
Thanks! Lol, the knife is a lot of fun!
Awesome Retro Entertainments You Got Congrats. I Will be on the Look Out for All of Those.
Thanks Sam!
That knife sure looks like something Batman would use,.. just saying great case man !!! - leading enterprise of agricultural machinery exporting in China

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