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Italian airline flag carrier Videos

Alitalia - Compagnia Aerea Italiana at Los Angeles International Airport

Alitalia is the flag carrier and national airline of Italy, which took over the name, the landing rights, many planes and some other assets from the liquidation ...

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No moron. The truth. You know it better then i do. Been to Italy enough to see how that country works. Excellent food , nice fashion , beautiful girls , well dressed people everywhere but the organized crime is almost everywhere. Nearly everbody is involved. Sad but true. See Berlusconi. What a scarface. What a clown. Criminal trough and trough. Italy was a booming land with a bright future. Now rotten and ruined. Thanks Berlusconi.
Wow so you like an airline wich was saved unfairly by that bastard called Silvio Berlusconi, then an airline wich got rudes flight assistance, horrible food, a boring in-flight entertainment and often their fly departs a lot of time late.. Ok yankee guy if for you all odl
Sebastian, inform you please. Don't talk !!! Alitalia have a best rate of puntuality in europe in August 2013 99,9 % performances ! Stupido essere cerca di dire le cose giuste ! Viva Alitalia !
(part 2) if all of I wrote t the other comment isn't a shame for You it's ok, but the day wich you will taste Alitalia You will give me the reason....
Aaaah. Alitalia is bringing some more mafiosis to Cali. How do they bring their guns trough the customs ? :)
i hate the entire paint job. except the SkyTeam.... they did a good job on that.
777 best plane ever made !!! ey nice video and airport by the way!!!!!!!
Alitalia it isn't an Italian pride, that's an Italian shame!
@ikolkyo967 it's a birthmark that it has when it's born
Awesome!!! Great video!!! Keep up the great videos!!!
love Alitalia! Very nice video, as always :)
Favorited! Love this video. Italian Pride!!!!
Can u do a video like this with aeromexico?
Awesome vid !!!!!!! Cheers from Italy
Awsome footage! Great job, indeed!!
I hate the black dot on the nose.
Brilliant, I love this video.
I'm sorry you feel that way
The usual german moron!
it's classic.
molto bella!

Alitalia commences codeshare services between Rome and Abu Dhabi - Etihad Airways

Alitalia, Italy's flag carrier has begun direct services from Rome to Abu Dhabi with a celebratory flight to the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) arriving on ...

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Wow this was a very dignified codeshare signing ceremony..., Thank You Etihad ! :)

Etihad moves to take over Alitalia - corporate

Bankrupt Italian flag carrier Alitalia may be about to be rescued by Eitihad Airways, the Gulf company that is trying to expand its operation in Europe in th.

Alitalia Landing in Sardinia

Landing in Alghero. Alitalia—Compagnia Aerea Italiana S.p.A. is the flag carrier and national airline of Italy with head office in Fiumicino, Italy. Sardinia is the ...

Etihad moves forward for an Alitalia deal

Alitalia Advertisement of Business Class Magazine

While waiting for a flight, I chanced across this advertisement for Alitalia's Business class. Alitalia is the flag carrier of Italy and they have since entered into some ...
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