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Feyenoord 1-2 Besiktas Carsi fans roepen Ajax. 50.000 supporters stil in De Kuip

Hoe krijg je 50.000 Rotterdammers in stadion De Kuip stil ?? Besiktas fans krijgen feyenoord supporters stil door Ajax te roepen.

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+besiktas karakartal yes
ajax best club in netherlands and this year ajax champion and besiktas champions !!!
And how many Feyenoord lads showed up in Istanbul? Exactly...
+fucknuon how the fuck wants to go to a filthy muslim city! feyenoord was with 7500 fans in rome!!
Respect from AFC Ajax Amsterdam! Bye bye feyenooit!!!
Gelukkig zijn er 2 Turken vermoord That makes my day
+Ferencvaros-HUN Jobbik I know, i dont give a shit
+Kay Rotterdam MH17 was very funny ^^
Besiktas kom er lekker bij vak 4-10 of vak ultras of f side genoeg plek voor onze vrienden besiktas het zijn maar Kut kakkerlakken
bazen !!!vak410 best
Hahaha ze zongen het maar 5 sec en dan kijken of alles goed gaat!!!!!!!!! Haha
Volgens mij kan jij niet tellen blinde hond

Dzsudzsák vs. Ajax


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ez komoj ott volt suarez azta rohadt !
+Nemeth Zsanett ja "komoj", mint Dzsudzsák karrierje LOL
Valaki le tudná irni a kommentátor nevét ?
+ZeNNN10000 ez nem méhes gábor
+zsombor1 Méhes Gábor
egyszer volt Budán kutya vásár! ezt a meccset a büdös életbe meg nem ismétli! mehet a levesbe sajnos....
+Feel Like Music Az a baj, hogy a PSV óta semmi tűz, lelkesedés nincs benne. Csak az, hogyan lehet minél kevesebb ráfordítással, a legtöbbet megkeresni. PEDIG ebben az évben legyűrték a Ajaxot és ha jól megnézitek Suarezzel ellentétes irányt járt be! Az uruguayi felemelkedett, a Dzsudzsi meg le...

Bulgarian football hools tear off the Italian flag 11.10.08

Bulgarian football hools attack with bombs Italian fans and stealing their national flag.

User Comments
Great job Bulgarians, respect from Slovenia! Fuck Italy, burn all Italian flags!
+Ivan Jurkovič pezzo di merda ti aspettiamo in Italia!
+Storia Isterica All I see is that Italians immigrating in a high flux in order to seek a better life. Slovenians stay in their own country since any slavic country is prosperous because it is runned by original white people while Italy is a bankrupt shithole mafia full of dirty Afro-Levantine insects. No Bulgarians, Serbs, Slovenians, Croatians, Austrians, etc. are going there except as tourists who enjoy sunny beaches, cheap wine & hams, churros and give the starving spaniard zingari a few pennies so they can earn a meager living. Italy is a bankrupt shithole sustained by EU that still send millions upon millions of starving immigrants to make them seek a better life.In Eastern Europe the most common insult word for Italians is in fact "zingari" or "cigani". You talk about dead people zingaro, remember that your kinkship were slaughtered at Foibas by Yugoslav Partisans of Tito, North Africa by Lybians and Don river by Soviet Russians, dumb cigan. Nazi illusions started to crumble down soon after these cowardly zingari Italian midgets started to wave the white flag, like they always do when they get involved in any conflict. It is well known that even the poorly equipped Greek army was able to repel them, if it wasn't for German intervention Greece would not have been conquered. Now go wave the white flag, boy, like all your Italian Gypsy relatives have done.
+Matteo Foggi haha faggot, do you know how many italians are there in Germany, Belgium, America and Australia? We don't left our contry because is ugly, we have one of the beauties and older country of Europe but we left it because our politicians are idiots like you!
Bulgarians are descendants of Ottomans and are not considered white Europeans.
+Ramadl59 Idiot, they are hungarian girls not bulgarian.
There are plenty Bulgarians where I come from. If there wasn't any Bulgarian girls,we wouldn't have a porn industry. Thank you for your contribution.Is your mother on some of those films?
And you stay in your shit hole backwards 3 rd world country, then we have a deal Slavic/Mongol gipsy boy!
100% less than your father, even though your mother doesn't know who he is. Probably an italian tourist.
How many world cups, euro cups Vulgaria won? 0+0=0 L00000000000L
Ahaha stupid ignorant gipsy. No one and I mean absolutely nobody from Western Europe would go live in Vulgaria LOL
+Kristijan Đorđević Pa sta da ti kazem brate italijanci su pravi cigani, ruzni ko arabi i crni ko cigani!
Keep sending you mothers and sisters to Western Europe. We enjoy them for only 3 euros. Thank you Borat!
If you had half a brain you would stfu. Comparing Italy with Vulgaria is like comparing a lion with a hyena. You being the hyena. But you are a stupid gipsy who lives in a caravan with your 6 brothers and sisters from different fathers.
Who cares about a third world country like Bulgaria? A country that gave nothing to civilisation or humanity. I fuck Bulgarian migrant women in the ass for 3 euros when I'm bored and they squeal like pigs LOL. Was one your mum or sister? Probably! Enjoy your potato soup you 3 rd world monkey.
Like your mom?

Operation Ajax

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