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US hands over Herat to Italian ISAF forces, Karzai with Abizaid

SHOTLIST Agency Pool Herat 1. US and Italian soldiers carrying flags - US, Afghan, Italian - in ceremony to hand over Herat PRT (Provincial Reconstruction ...

About the Italian Space Agency

Lights switched off at Colosseum to protest trial of Italian marines in India

SHOTLIST ++NIGHT SHOTS++ 1. Wide of Colosseum lights being turned off, Italian flag is projected onto walls 2. Colosseum with faces of Italian marines being ...

Larijani, Solana and Prodi meet with new Iran nuclear negotiator

SHOTLIST 1. Wide exterior of Italian government building 2. Close of UN, EU, and Italian flags on building 3. Interior, Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi, ...

Italy raises migrant boat's cargo of death from the deep

Italy has begun the grisly task of raising a corpse-packed trawler from the seabed near Libya, a year after up to 800 migrants perished in the Mediterranean's ...
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